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Unexpected parsing error


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I'm getting a syntax error when executing this script block. Could someone tell me what I'm doing wrong?




Global("B!GavinFriendMatch","GLOBAL",1) // FRIENDSHIP



GlobalGT(B!GavinFriend","GLOBAL",0) // B!GavinOffend keeps counting even if the relationship or friendship is over




SetGlobal("B!GavinOffenseWarning","GLOBAL",1) // triggers warning




It's giving it to me at line 8 columns 10-25

The line is


The column is "B!GavinRomanceActive","


This was the message in the debug:


[GAVIN/BAF/B!GavinFriendBreaks.baf] PARSE ERROR at line 8 column 10-25

Near Text: ","

syntax error



I use this format throughout this BAF and a similar one elsewhere, so I need to get it right.



Edit: by the gods, I hate it when I spot it after I've posted. But I'll leave it as a lesson to others. I forgot a ".

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should be





and you got it just as i posted.


The funniest thing I ever had happen learning this stuff was as a completely new person, posting up hundreds of lines of corrected soundsets, for the PID stringfixers. Many, many lines of code all looking like

SetPlayerSound(Myself,%[YESLICK 22] Be glad to.% [_YESLK22],37)

Icelus came by with a one liner --


"You missed a percent sign."



I didn't get it right away, and he had to patiently explain to me that he was joking :)

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