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Carsomyr Issue

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Don't y'all playtest this stuff? :) Just kidding, of course, since its a beta.


Carsomyr's melee abilities (its damage and on-a-successful-hit effects) are flagged as "Identify to use". You should be able to use these effects regardless of whether you've identified Carsomyr (just stick the pointy end into something and the sword will do the rest).


Carsomyr's magical ability (cast spell) is NOT flagged as "Identify to use". You shouldn't be able to cast its special ability until you've identified it (you'd have to grip the sword and cast every single spell in existence until one worked).


EDIT: In defense of the Fixpack, Weimer seems to have missed this one, too (in regards to the Carsomyr fixes in Item Upgrade).




- D

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