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Building / Restoring Clean Installation

Guest Jewels

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An old thread on the PPG forums describes how to build a clean installation (http://forums.pocketplane.net/index.php/topic,17555.msg236888.html#msg236888), but now that the fixpack has been released, I don't know exactly when to make the backup files.


Right now I'm thinking of installing the core fixes and the game text update, and then backing the files up, but I don't know which files the fixpack affects (so will I be backing them up properly?), nor do I know what to do when there's a new version of the fixpack to install.

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I agree. Actually, to expand, the safest thing to do if you intend to have fun using all sorts of mod combinations is to do a full install up to the default BioWare patches. Then backup the appropriate files to a folder marked "vanilla" or something. That means that you can work from the same base that all mods are expecting, so on ones requiring Baldurdash or if you want to use Non-Weidu mods, you can go ahead.


Or, you can be extravagant like me, and dedicate a removable hard drive exclusively to BioWare-patched versions of BG1 and ToB. Then it is delete the modded directory and copy the clean one over. Absolutely no worries then (though it is wasteful of space - the core resources are not touched, so this is not needed. I just find it easier to manage by having a "reference" version that I can drop into place without thinking too much!).


If you are planning on repeatedly using the same basic scenario (fixpack, GTU, whatever) you could also create that backup - as listed, the actual files needed for the backup are pretty small. You could fit several "default" configurations compressed on almost any major media.

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