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ADD_TRANS_ACTION adds an action after every player option in dialogue (such as settingh a global). There is an option to add the action only after certain PC replies.


From Weidu Documentation:


or ADD_TRANS_ACTION filename BEGIN stateNumber list END BEGIN transNumber list END transActionString


This instructs WeiDU to add the transActionString to all of the transitions in all of the states specified by the stateNumber list and the transNumber list. You may use state labels in the stateNumber list. If the transNumber list is empty, the text added to all transitions on all listed states. Note that the BEGIN and END keywords must be present, even if you specify an empty list of transNumbers. The ``first'' transition is number 0. Any out-of-bounds transNumbers are silently ignored. The transActionString is prepended to any existing action text on a per-transition, per-state basis.


Example of use:




This line on D-file sets a global after every PC reply in the State 0 of 41AOCHA.DLG.


I'm using it to trigger a conversation afterwards.

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No problems! I wish WeiDU documentation had an example of proper syntaxis with more cumbersome thinggies myself. Sometimes it's a pain to get them right for a person like me who haven't seen a programming language before.

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