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tp2 question

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Maybe I am wrong but shouldn't this:


REPLACE_TEXTUALLY ~Global("PaladinGone","GLOBAL")~ ~Global("AbyssPaladinGone","AR2904",0)~
REPLACE_TEXTUALLY ~Global("RangerGone","GLOBAL")~  ~Global("AbyssRangerGone","AR2904",0)~


be this:


REPLACE_TEXTUALLY ~Global("PaladinGone","AR2904",0)~ ~Global("AbyssPaladinGone","AR2904",0)~
REPLACE_TEXTUALLY ~Global("RangerGone","AR2904",0)~  ~Global("AbyssRangerGone","AR2904",0)~


I keep getting errors on install that say this:


[ar2904.bcs.BCS] parsed

[ar2904.bcs.BAF] PARSE ERROR at line 147 column 37-37
Near Text: )
Not enough arguments to [Global]. Recovering.

[ar2904.bcs.BAF] PARSE ERROR at line 157 column 36-36
Near Text: )
Not enough arguments to [Global]. Recovering.
[ar2904.bcs.BAF] parsed
Copied [ar2904.bcs] to [override/ar2904.bcs]


I might be wrong, if so just tell me :p



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I think in original TP2 they look like these:

REPLACE_TEXTUALLY CASE_INSENSITIVE ~Global("PaladinGone","AR2904"~ ~Global("AbyssPaladinGone","GLOBAL"~
REPLACE_TEXTUALLY CASE_INSENSITIVE ~Global("RangerGone","AR2904"~  ~Global("AbyssRangerGone","GLOBAL"~


But my version is also heavily modified, so I'm not sure. :p

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I changed mine also so I am not sure if what I put is exactly right, I just know that the global was at the end of the line and it didnt look right and created the parse errors so I thought i would post to see what is correct.






here is the original from an unzipped fixpackv1


REPLACE_TEXTUALLY ~Global("PaladinGone","AR2904"~ ~Global("AbyssPaladinGone","GLOBAL"~
REPLACE_TEXTUALLY ~Global("RangerGone","AR2904"~  ~Global("AbyssRangerGone","GLOBAL"~


even with putting the closing ) on the end it produces the parse errors

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Basically Fixpack is replacing the bolded section:








so you don't want to add to the grammar.


May I suggest putting tweaks to the fixpack in a separate .tp2 for easier maintainance :D ?

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