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Wild magic in 1312 DR


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The timeline states that wild magic *areas* appear only in 1358:



However, *wild magic* existed always. Here's what Greenwood says on creation of the new spells:



“Dear Ed and Lady THO, Here's what I hope is a quick question: when mages invent spells, are they creating something that has never existed before in their world, or are they discovering something that already existed in Mystra's Weave?”

Ed’s response:




Mages are creating something new (though of course in many cases they are unwittingly creating slight variations on spells first created by someone else, earlier, in another land - - spells that are sometimes forgotten, and sometimes still in use, “improved” and sometimes altered greatly; and in some cases of training, are deliberately tinkering with known spells to create variants), but the new spells will only work if they properly tap into natural energies. In other words, the Weave is a way of controlling and ordering those energies (or a way of understanding and expressing those forces), and to succeed, all spells must call on the energies in one of many ways that are compatible with the Weave. Incompatability means either failure or the generation of a spontaneous wild magic discharge.


Meaning that wild magic is an integral part of the Weave.


But wild mages who mastered it?



Also here:



As for Mystra: The ‘old’ Mystra (LN) was less than pleased with this road of dweomercraeft because of the damage wild mages can do to fellow spellcasters, the Weave, and most importantly to the reputation of arcane spellcasters with others (and therefore, the general attitude [fear] of most intelligent beings of Faerun towards magic and its use).


Since "old" Mystra died in 1358, seems like wild mages existed before.

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