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Shar-Teel romance


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I was wanting to try out the Shar-Teel romance, but accidentally made a character with insufficient charisma. Since I'd gotten quite a bit into the game already I tried editing it up to 11 with Shadowkeeper instead of just making a new character, but I don't think that worked as none of the lovetalks have started.


So basically my question is, is there anything I can do to make the romance start now, or will I need to just start afresh?

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First of all, I love your avatar!


It is probably possible to cheat as far as the romance goes, but I will offer the following comments.


Domi wrote the Shar-Teel romance. Her romances tend to be fairly complex and rely on more than one variable to proceed. I have a feeling that just setting the romance match variable and active romance variables will not do all that needs to be done to get the romance moving forward.


You would probably get the most enjoyment out of it if you started over. Forcing the romance *always* feels forced.

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Try raising it to 12, I think we were one off in the Guide. Make sure you meet the reputation requirement as well. Also, I think that romance sort of proceeds from the first Char-PC talk that happens at rest. If you already had it, you'll need to hack the Match and Interest.

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Sorry for cutting in, Domi, but I know your Tutu machine is not working well, and I've got BG1 NPC all locked and loaded.


Took a peek at the code for the match.


This is what it said:


CheckStatGT(Player1,10,CHR) ==> Charisma must be 11 or higher

CheckStatGT(Player1,10,STR) ==> Strength must be 11 or higher

Gender(Player1,MALE) ==> Men only

!Alignment(Player1,MASK_GOOD) ==> Must not be any flavor of good

!Alignment(Player1,LAWFUL_NEUTRAL) ==> Must not be lawful neutral

!Race(Player1,HALFLING) ==> Halflings need not apply

ReputationLT(Player1,10) ==> Reputation must be 9 or less




Please note that the arrows are my comments, which I didn't feel like stating in the usual /* */ way, the one that actually works with code. The aren't part of the code!

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