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Multiple strongholds druid grove stuff

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How does one challenge the druid there for the leadership of the grove? Isn't it being level 14 that's required? I have a DC lvl 11 swashbuckler/lvl 15 mage, and don't get the option to challenge for the grove. Do I *need* to be druid or what? Doesn't that kinda defeat the purpose of the multiple stronghold mod? :D

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Haven't had that problem. Are you sure that feature is installed?

Absolutely, given that I have all the other strongholds :D


Anyway, seems like it's some level check bug, since after reaching lvl 16 as mage I can challenge for the leadership now.


Well, thanks for your time (and anyone's who thought about this, even if they didn't reply). :)

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I wonder if it's xp based. Mages level up slowly, but druids might be slower still.


I know that unlike multiclassed characters, xp put toward the first class is not considered for dualed NPCs. So if you had a 16th level fighter dualed to mage, with another 13 levels of mage, you wouldn't get the stronghold, because you're only 13th level.

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Baldurdash expunged the level requirement for no (bugfixing) reason we could discern. If you're using Fixpack instead of Baldurdash, the original developer level requirements for becoming the Great Druid apply. Taking ownership of the grove, IIRC, doesn't have a level requirement, only gaining the title. (Away from comp w/BG2, so this is from memory and may be wildly incorrect.)

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Hm. The grove just keeps bugging me. Although I finally got to win the challenge and (presumably) gain the grove, the stronghold quests ain't starting (and it has been ~2 weeks game time), and there's even no stronghold quest in my journal. :?

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D'oh! And here I kept resting in the outer grove area.

~bangs head against keyboard~


Thanks a LOT for telling me this and saving from death by keyboard trauma. :D

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