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Selling/buying questions


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Hello everyone. I have got two troubles. I don't know, are these things possible to create. But maybe someone here can know it :D


1. Merchants restriction

Can we restrict them quanity of money which they have? Because you know, it can be stupid, when you comes to poor merchant in Slums and sell him maany two-handed swords +5, and he pay you 999999999 gold coins, heh?


2. Auto-selling from store

There is a possibility to auto-sell items, which you store in for example bookshelf or something like that?

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Stores don't have any money, they just create it on demand like Rumplestiltskin.


You can fake it pretty well, though, by doing the "merchant buys stuff" portion of the store through dialogue and not allowing the store itself to buy items (or allow the store to buy items at some horribly usurious rate that makes it not worth the player's while to sell anything). As you have to specify each item you want purchasable, it's a little tedious to write the trigger text - but the results are nice :D


If you want to sell items which have an existence outside of the store file, you can do that with dialogue also - but I'm not sure I understand what you're asking :/

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Sure, but it would be easiest with a fixed inventory. Heck, you could even do it with a flexible inventory, but the script would be ugly. You would just check the script to see when an item was removed from the container, or when a unique item showed up in party inventory. If you stocked it with unique items, like The Tomes of Yarpen volumes 1 through 4, you would just do:












For each of the 4 volumes, and stick it in the area script. You wouldn't even need a shopkeeper. Of course the party would wonder why they lose gold every time they pick up a book. :D

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