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One Plot, Many Scenarios


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I'm thinking on a SP campaign mod, part of which will be replaying all sort of scenarios based on the same plot, but recast differently each time.


Obviously, this main line will be diluted with sidequests and there will be the parallel "real" main line that allows the player to stop these new versions of the quest solution from popping up.


I'm wondering about two things:


-Should I have a "found by luck/trial and error" short-cut for those who have no patience to play through all the areas and see all the possibilities

-Which mode or area exploration is better:

a) BG1 (you exit the map and see new area and will have to backtrack to get to the starting point);

b) Randomized areas from one central area (ie if you exit from each corner of the map, you'll be rabndomly connected to one of 2 or 3 areas;

c) Maze-semi-random, ie like Watcher's Keep where you have to follow a certain non-obvious pattern to avoid getting back to the same areas. In the end you return to the central area, perhaps, like in Fell wood, you can always return to the central area, by exiting "east" or whatever side of the map.

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I think some kind of short-cut out of the scenarios would be a good idea and would satisfy those who either couldn't be bothered with doing the extra scenarios, or will be pleased that "my PC" could find a way out of this puzzle through their own skill/luck (even if they do come back to do all the challenges later).



I think a semi-randomised map is a good way to go for exploring (assuming one can do that logically within the scenario), as long as there's a reasonable ability to orient oneself within the maze, such as a few unique areas. One of the things that got me about Felwood was that some areas which looked exactly the same as others lead to very different areas, but still areas that looked exactly the same, which made attempting to map the place a crazy experience.

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