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The Painted Veil


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I'll try to keep it brief. I was watching Ebert and Roeper yesterday, and they were talking about The Painted Veil. Well, I happen to be a great fan of Maugham, and I started screaming the moment the review started. They like TOTALLY, COMPLETELY and ABSOLUTELY killed the *whole* idea, humor and irony of the book, turning it in the suppy melodrama. Why, oh why some hack in Hollywood dares *think* that he knows better than Maugham?!!!!


I dunno if anyone read the book, but for comparison it would be as if Theoden didn't die and Frodo came back with his finger reattached and married Rosy.


GAH! I'm still disgusted. Okay, the 'Razor's Edge' is impossible to do well, too much scope. But if they'd DARE touch 'Theatre'.... :)

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