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Eldoth joining/journal entry


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Apologies if this has been raised before, but I did do a serach but with the number of results the words "needle" and "haystack" came to mind.


Anyway I've moved Eldoth (using both this and SCS) and in either case the journal entry about his dialogue isn't displaying quite right. I got no red "quest" title, and the first line of text begins on the same line as the date - so subsequently it looks like a continuation of the previous entry.


Sorry if this seems like nit-picking, but it just looks so odd.


Otherwise great work on a thorougly enjoyable project.

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No such thing as too much nit-picking - the worst that could happen is someone says "no, we can't/won't fix that" :)


I will take a look at our code and see what we do. I think this may be a referral to Macready, though, because currently he has the most at-hand knowledge of Journal Entry behavior as he is rebuilding the whole set for EasyTutu (and Andyr cannot answer - he needs to finish the phd stuff).

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