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Move NPC's Component


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Not trying to brush in or anything (it is probably a great idea for these to be separated out), but in the meantime if you are on Tutu/EasyTutu, you can always use the BG1 NPC Project version to just move single NPCs. If you are on BGT, then you can PM me and use the internal testing version which allows players to move Alora alone in BGT - we defer to DavidW on everyone else in BGT as he and pro5 have that cleanly executing (no need for duplication across the mods :) ).

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Thanks ... I have been using the BG1 NPC Project "moves" ... unfortuantely its the Shar-Teel/Viconia element I'm interested in here. I want Shar-Teel moved but would rather Viconia remain secreted away. :rant:


I'll think about this for the next version if there's sufficient demand. Until then, there's a quick-and-dirty fix you can do if you like: edit setup-scs.tp2 in your TUTU folder. If you look around line 2200 you'll find that there are four labelled blocks of code, one for each NPC. If you just delete the Viconia block, she won't move.

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