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Gavin is available for public download


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Gavin is now available for public download and secondary alpha testing.


All components of the mod are fully functional.


The mod can be downloaded (for now) at




At the present, Gavin is only intended for Tutu with or without the Tales of the Sword Coast expansion pack. I do not believe that this mod requires Throne of Bhaal, as ToB scripting has been taken into consideration, but it has not been tested without it. Also, I have not yet ported the mod to Mac OSX.


I would consider it as a favor if alpha testers would contact me either by forum, PM or email, just so I know who to thank!

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You may want to pin this, or another topic with the latest download link.


Also, it seems your site doesn't load for me currently. Is the homepage/download going to be moved to G3 eventually?


Edit: The site does load now, just kind of erratic. :p

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