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Spell effects blocking each other

Guest XzPePijNzX

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Guest XzPePijNzX

Yeah a wierd bug which i, after long stressed un/re installing discovered was indeed the fault of bg2 fixpacks core fixes was:


My spell effects care to block each other.

Sounds strange. But it's pretty much that some spell effects like free action, will remove the effects of haste if boots of speed were equipped AFTER the item that gave you free action (like flail of ages +5 gives free action, but then blocks the hasted from boots of speed)


now if you equip boots of speed and THEN flail of ages the hasted and free action effect work normally. So no problem? Wrong, because it tends to do this with like half the effects.

Examples are wrongly stacking magic resitances (a carsomyr, human flesh +5, ring of gaxx and power ammy should give 85% MR but only give 50%) And loads of other of those spell effects tend to block each other out depending on the order they're equipped


fixes? help? declarations of war?

help would sure be appreciated.

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I'm not sure about the other examples, but if you look at the item description of Carsomyr, it says Set Magic Resistance to 50%, not +50% MR. That one is working as intended by the original game designers.


If you've got other examples where you believe the spell effects are not stacking correctly, then please post them. The fixpack caretakers seem to like getting lots of details as it makes it much easier to track down the problem and fix it quickly.

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i can think of only 2 right now:

first the free action - haste thing. As described above


2nd is the imoen bracelet from imoen addon. The 2nd version gives the following effects by DLCTEP

Aura cleansing

spell casting speed increase

15% resistances to elements

25% to magic


i get the resistances, this bracelet made me want to fix it...

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Effects are applied by equipped items in a specific order that's not changable - most of these bugs will sort themselves out on an area transition that requires reloading.


Effects that aren't cumulative and set values don't stack very well in general (or work all that well with other effects), but Carsomyr is developer confirmed to be intended to work as it does (unless I'm misremembering) so there's nothing really to be done there.


I'm not sure what you want to do with the Imoen bracelet, but the author of the mod would be a better person to ask :rant:

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