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Found a BUG!

Guest Ian

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If you have the weimer mod Item Upgrade 2 installed you can not upgrade an items at all! If possible could someone in the Amber mod group fix this and make compatible?


Love the mod!

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While I'm sure your input is appreciated (if it's indeed an incompatibility), as a modder myself, I cannot help but say that you could have gone about this another way instead of saying "I FOUND A BUG", when an incompatibility is not a bug, and that proclaiming that you found a bug is a huge assumption and can be offensive to the creators of this mod.


Just some advice.

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Can you be more specific Ian? What exactly happens when you go to see Cromwell?


Can you send me a copy of your weidu.log file? You can find it in your main bg2 folder. If you could also send me a copy of wsmith01.dlg from your override folder, it would help a lot. You can send both files to <amber@welho.net>.


Oh, and if you indeed mean Weimer's Item Upgrade version 2 (the current version is 34!) you should have installed that after Amber. Like it says in the compatibility thread here. Version 2 of Item Upgrade is so old though, that I can't really make any guarantees even if you did install it after Amber. I strongly suggest that you download a newer version.

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