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Loading Override Files in a Saved Game (PS:T)


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So I edited some stores .STO files, but having already visited those stores in a game, I load my saved game and my changes do not appear. In PST, without restarting the game, how can I get my game to load my changes? I'm using NI and I'm not exactly sure why the changes don't show up. If I restart NI and re-load the .STO file, it has the changes that I made previously so I know it's getting written to disk.


Thanks in Advance


(And thanks for the previous help, too!)

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If you've already entered a store or area, you'll need to edit both the original and the saved version, assuming you want to keep your saved game intact. Otherwise you could delete the saved version and just edit the original; the game will load the original when you re-enter the store. I do this when I'm testing and don't care about playing a serious game, as it saves me time; I only have to edit one file.

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