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finding amber

Guest farsalos

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Guest farsalos

I started a new game numerous times and thej quest leading the PC to Amber always begins REALLY late in the game. It really pisses me off :) because when I find her most quests from the game are already done or the PC's romance with Aerie/Jaheira/Viconia is too advanced for Amber Romance to begin.

Maybe it's beacuse I play very quickly, still it pisses me off because i just don't know how to play slowly and click "rest" all the time.


I don't know why the "Amber finding quest" begins so late, but I checked it out on multiple installs many times and it is IMPOSSIBLE to find her quickly, in fact you can only find her very late when 50% of all game quests avaliable are already done. This makes the amber mod completely useless and gets the player annoyed (why did i download and install it since it's totaly useless?? :) )..


You should change the mod so that the quest leading to amber can begin sooner, or even better immediatly after escaping Irenicus' dungeon.


Just wanted to bring this really serious bug to your attention.


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You can simply go for Viconia really early which should trigger Amber spawning quite early in turn.


If you feel Amber romance is too slow, you can tell other NPC romances to slow down by telling those to wait - or simply break those you don't want.


Or if you just want stuff to speed up, use AdvanceRealTime(4000) in your clua.


If you got mods installed that speed up normal romances, you probably want to get rid of those.

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Guest farsalos

thnk you, however:


i already tried the Viconia saving quest twice and it did not trigger Amber quest to begin (at leat not just the Viconia quest by itself)- i had to run around and do other quests. i noticed that to trigger amber quest to begin i must first save Viconia, help Jan Janssen, do the hendak/lethinan quest in the Copper Coronet and rid the slums of slave traders,free Haerdalis and take him to the party after accomplishing his whole quest. Those quests are (i think) indespensable to trigger the amber quest, but if i do them alone it still doesn't trigger amber quest to begin and i have to do other quests until Amber "demon in athkatla" finally gets on the way, so the line which i found on amber's home page that "you don't need to run around to find her" applies to reality in the same degree as Putin's declarations that he respects the independents of Baltic States... :),because i do have to run around a lot, or maybe click "rest" all the time but as i said i like playing and doing my quests very quickly. Permanent resting and slowing things down kills the fun in this game (this IS an action/adventure/RPG game after all, right?).


Like i said maybe the Amber quest doesn't begin because i play quickly. Still i think that it should depend on the player and not the stupid game's AI or whatever when should the quest leading to Amber begin. It should be available at any time after escaping Irenicus' dungeon.

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The "ONLY" thing that is required to get Amber is to either save Viconia or not save her and then go to the slums district during daytime. Thats it... nothing else is required. In the slums you should hear two kids talking about a demon. If you cant acquire amber after all that then you probably have another mod screwing up something.



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Yes, the only two requirements for the quest to trigger are:

1. resolve Viconia's burning one way or another

2. that it's a day.


Here is, for example, the script block that's added to the area script of the slums; it's fairly simple:




However, it's possible that another mod adds something to the area script that prevents the engine from reaching Amber's script block until very late in the game. That could explain why the quest is triggering so late.


If you like you can send me a copy of your weidu.log (it's in the main BG2 folder) and copies of ar0400.bcs, ar0300.bcs and ar0500.bcs from the override folder I can take a look what's going on there. You can send the files to amber@welho.net


It's true that once Amber is in your party her dialogue isn't terribly quick paced and thus she's not an ideal NPC for a player who plays very fast. That doesn't affect her value as a thief, though.

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