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Strifeleader kit and Tiax


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It is possible. Since there seems to be no response from the DR folks, I'm working on a version in my "Gnomes" mini-mod (in fact I was before I stumbled across this post). Obviously it will require DR to be present. An alternate option in the same component is to make him a cleric/assassin (he can only have one kit).


However, I've been doing some research and one thing doesn't make sense to me. This is from the readme:

STRIFELEADER OF CYRIC: Cyric (seer-ick) is a megalomaniacal deity with an immense following. One of the three greater powers of evil on Faerûn, he is petty and self-centered, and enjoys misleading individuals of all inclinations so that they perform acts that ruin their lives or so that they make fatal mistakes...


- From level 9 can cast Chaos once per day, as fifth level mage spell of the same name


- No access to the spheres of animal, creation, chaos, law, plant, thought, travel, wards

Huh? Wouldn't you think Cyric's priests would have major access to chaos? So let me get this straight... they can cast the mage spell Chaos but not the cleric spell Chaotic Commands? That makes no sense at all. I know these descriptions are taken largely from Faiths & Avatars and other PnP resources, but sometimes the books omit things or are just plain wrong.
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