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I broke Gavin again... :(

Guest Flarn

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Guest Flarn

Well, as you may have been able to tell by my silence, I have been happily absorbed in Gavin for the last few days, then I got stupid and shut him up again before LT 17 so I could go take care of some other stuff. Then I figured I was ready to let the romance progress again so I told him to talk again and took him roaming around the wilderness for a few in game days, but the same thing happened as before when I was trying to get LT 5. Got lots of flirts (including the water one, yum! ;) ) rested a bunch of times, but the G man sayeth nothing.


Is there some sort of other global variable thingy I can do to kick start him again?


Thanks in advance.

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What was the last lovetalk you had? There are a couple more conditional ones lying in wait.


The flirting is more tempermental than the lovetalks, or there are more variables controling them, so if he's flirting, the relationship isn't broken, nor has temporarily asking for more space had a detrimental effect on it.


If you got the water flirt, you're at least past one of the hurdles. Lovetalk 9 had to happen at an inn.


Lovetalk 12 has to happen in a town, so if you haven't gone to one of those in a while, maybe you should give it a try.


If you aren't sure which lovetalk was the last one you've had, maybe you can check for me? There is an NPC Guide packaged with the mod in the main mod folder. It's a PDF document, called RomanceGuide.pfd, I think, which is a bit of a misnomer, but I had originally intended it only for romance help.


Or, you can type the following into the console and give me the number it returns:




Have you met Gavin's sister? If he's asked you whether or not you've ever been in love, you can expect to see her soon, and you'd better plan heading outside at some point.


After that, there's a run of lovetalks that happen on resting, and some of them are spaced several game days apart.


So, get that global value for me, and we'll take it from there.



Edit: Thinking some more about this, I think you might be ready for lovetalk 12, especially if you've been enjoying long walks under the trees. Gavin loves the great outdoors, but some things only happen in a crowd.


The romance guide will set you up for the next talk.

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Guest Guest

The last LT I had was 16, so unless you planned them to fire out of order from what you listed in the PDF (which I have been following religiously all along) then 17 is the one I am expecting because I have had all the ones that came before. ;)


I did the CLUA Console thing and the number it returned was 33.


I haven't seen Gavin's sister yet, because he has not yet asked me if I have ever been in love. According to that, that is LT 17, the one I am waiting for (because I have had all the other conditional ones you have mentioned so far), sitting here, out in the wilderness, wandering, killing random stuff that respawns, and resting lots and lots. I think I have been out here three days game-time, and several hours real-time. Is that enough to spawn the talk?



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Argh. I think you might have missed the sister showing up, and 17 won't happen until it does.


She spawns off-screen and approaches the party, but if the party is near the edge of the map when that happens, and you miss her before you leave the map, you're going to be stuck in limbo. I'm going to change all of those off screens to offsets, because this is twice now that someone has missed it. This might not mean anything to you, but the short explanation is that she'll spawn closer to the party, so her approach will be a lot more obvious.


Anyway, just to keep it moving along, you can force her to spawn in your game by typing in:




She should approach you and start talking to Gavin.


Let me know how it goes.

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Guest Flarn

Yay! Reed spawned, she's so cute! I love her portrait! She even looks a bit like Gavin!


And yay for the talk happening. My PC's ring slots were both occupied, so she took off her ring of holiness and gave it to Gavin in return, kind of romantic, eh? ;)


Thank you for your patience in continuing to help when things go wrong. :D

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