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Who's Corrupted, who's dead?


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While Boo would be devastating for Minsc, since Aerie is dying anyway maybe that could add to his fall if he's accepted her as his witch.


or to be really evil, Aerie could be framed for Boo's murder, and Minsc kills his witch in vengance.


And yes, I do realize how old this thread is,

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AErie will have a different ending depending on PC's stats and willingness, so I'd rather not tie in Minsc with her. Though yes, if she became his witch, it is worthwhile adding in his mad ramblings.

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Hey- I hate Harpers too. But I would rather redeem them from the depths of their evil tham kill them.


Harpers aren't that bad, in general, although quite a few people (with notable exception of Dalesmen) don't look kindly on those who meddle in other people's business. I agree, however, that Amnish bunch of Harpers are depisable lot, the very worst in their organization, I can imagine. Comparing to them, Storm Silverhand and her "justice" doesn't look that bad...


I have no problems with Jeheira, on the other hand, but if the Visitor feels she has to go...

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How badly PC is under MV's control is defined by her WIS/CONST score. As for how and why Anomen gets murdered it is a secret for now :) PC will have an option to resist this choice.

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Valygar - a quicky that turned into a love affair that lasted for years...


I am sure that there will be teaser material for previews without spoiling the suspence once the project moves forward some more. :)

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