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Who's Corrupted, who's dead?


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So far the plan is:




- Aerie

- Valygar (only if Sphere is done, otherwise left alone)

- Jaheira

- Mazzy


Corrupted (alignments specified tentatevely):


- Nalia (LE)

- Keldorn (LN, Fighter Class with a possible loss of levels)

- Imoen (CN, Thief with a loss of Mage Class)

- Minsc (CN to Beserker Fighter w a possible loss of levels)


Special Case:



Please feel free to suggest corruption schemes. I will be putting the ones that are written in the protected forum once I got used to the idea that I am working on this one seriously!

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Hi Domi!


You may also wish to consider Cernd as well, though his would be a stereotypical walk down the path of the Shadow Druid.


Imoen's corruption...well, she is supposed to have a child-like innocence about her (yeah, even in her epilogue in ToB). Her innocence could change by seeing atrocities committed in the name of good. She may still keep her innocent demeanor, but after her tortures in Spellhold and seeing the effect the Bhaalspawn (the MainChar) causes in her wake, maybe she becomes much more greedy, grasping for magical items and scrolls for her own protection.


For Keldorn...I would like to see him still retain his code of honor, but it could be inverted. Maybe say he apprehends someone, only to have that person get released by the law (big bribe, or whatever?) And over time, that person strikes at Keldorn...besmirching his honor, causing troubles for his family. And no matter how much he responds, Keldorn finds this individual either is just given a slap on the wrist, or skips away scot-free (Imagine having dirt on the prelate). In the end, maybe Keldorn's youngest daughter is held captive, and the only way for her to be free and safe is for him to do a despicable, deliberate action of evil.

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I'd like to stay away from the non-jugmental characters for the amount of work, so I'll put Cernd suggestion aside for now.


I like the idea of using Keldorn's children. I was intending to do a partial corruption with him to moving him toward LN and do it only if you put Maria in jail - otherwise he is going to be killed by the Visitor. So maybe his children are abducted through his neglect etc...

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:) Minsc corrupted?! Oh, Domi...why? How will you go about such? If Anomen is a special exception, why not Minsc?


Gotta agree with what Bri said. Cernd could be considered.


Otherwise...hmm...this mod seems interesting.  :) Glad to see you here, Domi!

Trust me, Minsc will get off far easier than Anomen... The plan for Minsc is Boo assassination through which Minsc plunges into outright madness which is unhindered by anything - hence the switch to Beserker from ranger.


Anomen is going to recieve the special attentiuon from the jelous Visitor. ;) Trust me, that's not fun.

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Well, as you certainly know, the reason most paladins tend to be single, or celibate is that they give their all to their God/Goddess, and if a member of an Order, to that organization.


Thus, a family is already a liability to them, and if they then have it used against them...and if the paladin doesn't aid his family, then he is going against the tenets of his faith. And yet if he is committed elsewhere, he also has to attend to that matter. A case of damned if he does, damned if he doesn't.

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Btw, once you get on to coding, then other modders are gonna need to know the corruption variables for the various NPCs so we can make sure our new banters don't run if they are corrupted (a bit like knowing the Boo is missing variable from UB).

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Guest Guest

From another forum, but should go here:


Aerie to LN would be easy to do in-character (Kill Bill style): She meets one of the men who enslaved her, who is now a familly man and filled with remorse. Rather than forgiving him or accepting restitution, she destroys his familly, turning him in to the authorities. CN could work as well if her vengence required her to kill him and/or his familly, or if he was a respected member of Amn's aristocracy and she had to kill her way through innocent guards to get to him.


Keldorn to LN is easy and almost built into the game already (as outlined in other posts).


Valygar could be possessed by the entity that had been holding Lavok; now weaker than it was, but still strong enough to play on his rage at the Cowled wizards, turning him into an anti-magic fanatic before claiming his body for its own.


Mazzy could be possessed by the Shade Lord.


Jan could find that his beloved was killed by her "husband", and turn the corner into CE as he builds his monkey army.


And of course Boo could be killed in battle, leaving Minsc without direction until he finds a clever Quasit that hapenned to take the form of a hamster. . .


Be interesting to see the mod Domi. :)

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Guest Guest

Also, why do you feel Imoen would lose her mage levels? Reaching into herself for power as she turns "darker" I can see, with an alignment switchmaybe as far as NE. Or are you going for a brain damage from torture thing?

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I felt that becoming a mage was always something Imoen did out of goodness in her to break away from roguishness. Since I envision her CN self as a rather impish creature, I'd want to have her as a full rogue... but I am not yet sure, so I might just go for simple alignment reduction.

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Guest BobTokyo
I felt that becoming a mage was always something Imoen did out of goodness in her to break away from roguishness. Since I envision her CN self as a rather impish creature, I'd want to have her as a full rogue... but I am not yet sure, so I might just go for simple alignment reduction.

Understood Domi. :)


I think this is another case where we see characters differently, and in this case your view may be closer to Bioware's than mine. I see Imoen as having been a clever but mischievious student, a class clown. We know that she did take her studies seriously and enjoyed them. Irenicus captures her, tortures her, captures her again, and finally manages to shatter her mind and literally rob her of her soul. I never liked her swift return to a slightly more mature version of the playful girl from BG1. I see her as more of a concentration camp survivor (I knew several growing up), or the survivor of an extended kidnapping that included mental and physical torture. Some of the old personality should still be there and should re-emerge, but rage, self-hatred and shame should also be worked through. A "light", healthy Imoen should have a core of anger just under the surface, something that she controls but that influences her reactions. A "dark", damaged Imoen might be impish, but also nihilistic, self-destructive and cruel, and well aware of the need for power. She might enjoy inflicting pain with a knife (on others and herself), but in a world where magic worked she'd call on it. A pure thief Imoen would be broken, someone who threw away everything they'd worked for as they sank down.


Which of course may work very well.

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Valid ideas, and interesting. However, what I also keep in mind is that i want corrupted NPCs follow different paths; I pinpointed Nalia as the one who'd hunt power... Howevere, I will give a try to a few voices to which ever NPC I'll end up writting myself and would like anyone who'd be interested to do one for me, to do the same before commiting to the full banter suit. :) It is usually the best way of doing it anyway.

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Although necromancers can be any alignment, most of them are gererally portraited as/are evil. Maybe you can allow Imoen to shift to a thief/necromancer specialist mage rather than simply remove the mage class altogether, and allow her to gain control over some of her taint.


This is just an idea that one can toy with, and I am sure you have different planes from my suggestion.




BTW, An issue that will arise by changing portraits, is compatibility with the NPC Damage mod; so keep that in mind please.

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