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  1. Hello everyone, Really enjoying my current play through with SCS! I love playing mage chess when it doesn't feel like either side has unrealistic advantages. I was just wondering what the item file DWRND10 refers to that I can see attached some of the shadow thieves? It keeps crashing my game unless I remove it from them via Near Infinity. (No doubt something to do with my mod stack) Is there any other way of removing it other than going through individual CRE files? Cheers
  2. Hello, If I install Spell revisions beta18 with this on top, are they compatible with the scs "icewind dale" spell component? I want to get access to things like bone darts, cat's sense etc. Cheers.
  3. Hello, Suppose, hypothetically speaking, that someone has been installing the improved general ai component for a few days, getting up to the letter N in patching creatures scripts, when suddenly their house has a blackout and the computer dies... Would they have to start all over again? I only ask because going through the component again, it breezed through scripts that previously bogged it down and seems to be back up to the letter N within a matter of minutes, where it slows up again.
  4. It does appear to state in the 2e Faiths and Avatars book that Helm could have CN clerics... My head canon still thinks its silly, simply because I really like to play up the idea that he is the most extreme of that particular belt - Tyr, Torm, Lathander etc.
  5. Yeah, Thanks for getting back to me. I will try working around it by rolling Evil as changing through EE as you say. I imagine Its the same as Romance restrictions - The game only checks for them at the very start. Can't think of too many scenarios where the Church of Helm would petition a chaotic neutral character for help. Seems a bit silly...
  6. Hello all, Supposing I was playing a chaotic neutral bard who wanted to acquire the temple of Talos would either of the Stronghold components in this mod allow me to do this? I know they work around class restrictions, but I'm guessing not alignment? So I'd be stuck with Helm. Is there anyway I can alter this? Have looked elsewhere in forums without much luck. Cheers.
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