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  1. Well, hopefully the time doesn't materialize in that particular way. But many kudos for working on this, and I'm sending care packages of chocolate chip cookies and hot cocoa to everyone's muses.
  2. That'd be great Plus I typically install a whole slew of mods (and Check the Bodies), so it would more than likely be a good compatability test. If a mod doesn't explode into a firey ball visible from space in my install.. it's pretty much got no compatibility problems.
  3. I didn't read far enough to see any reference to Aklon, but I wouldn't pay much attention to what he says anyway. It appears that he enjoys using the anonymity of the internet in order to tear other people down. There is such a thing as *helpful* criticism, and then there's such a thing as simply being a jerk. I think he falls into the latter catagory. Good luck finishing Aklon BigRob! I agree. There is criticism, and then there is being hateful for shits and giggles/just to be hateful. That really annoys me. On a more positive note, I have brought offerings of nutella for the muses in the hopes that they will be especially generous with the inspiration. I'm actually not dead. I think. Night shift does funny things to a person.
  4. You have two options that do not require lots of twiddling. 1. Simply grab the BG1 portraits (resizing one to 210x330 for the epilogue) and name them NJAHEIRL, NJAHEIRM, and NJAHEIRS and drop them into your portraits folder (or overrides, I've found both work) 2. Get Plasmocat's BG1 portrait mod, which does roughly the same thing, but makes the BG1 portrait much nicer and crisper.
  5. How is it going? From what I could glean from the Rosenranken thread, it seems like it's pretty close to complete Any hope for me to bribe my way in? Would it work on BGT as it is now? I'm holding off my installation until he's playable.
  6. Wonderful story ^^ I wish I had lots of constructive, insightful things to say, but that's all I can come up with. I'm very happy to see Janty in there, he's not in all that many fics that I've seen. I'm hoping that there will be a happy resolution between him and Illy eventually. It'll be hard to get there, but... ^^; I'm horrible with my nicknames, I know.
  7. I squee'd so much when I saw this, and read the whole thing right away. Wonderful stuff I really like how descriptive it all is.. I've always loved lots of descriptions of actions and surroundings and little effects. The relationships are also set up really nicely
  8. Gotta say, this would be awesome. I always did like Yoshimo. There aren't that many light-hearted folks in the BG Saga apart from Coran, Alora, Imoen, Garrick and Minsc. Three of those aren't even joinable in BG 2! Haer kind of counts, but he's morbidly cheerful, not silly like them. The global that saves his life amuses me far more than it really should.
  9. Good luck with this, it looks like an interesting concept. I'll be keeping an eye on it!
  10. Same here XD For some reason, when I read that, I can so clearly picture our usually fairly stoic Drow throwing a right nice temper tantrum.
  11. That's the weird thing.. I thought Riz's trumped Diriel's, but Diriel doesn't have a romance active or inactive global showing. I can only assume it was cut off before the romance started proper. I'll try putting both in, though, thanks!
  12. I just felt compelled to do this, since the game itself has some wonderful lines, and the mod just builds on that I'll point out a few: Original Game: 1. Yquong - Why is it that you adventurers are always wondering what's in it for you? Couldn't you, just this once, perform a task without asking how it benefits you? PC - No. 2. Ougamya of Uthgardt - Any idea what's got High Priestess Oria wrapped up tighter than a mummy at a necromancer's love-fest? Mod: 1. PC: Congratulations. How many other banalities have you picked up during your short sojourn on the surface? Rizdaer: A few. I can't very well go around saying 'drider's fodder' and the like, can I? 2. Hildury: Even Sir Nord be wary of you. Salomeya: Oh my, the orc noticed that her fearless paragon of virtue is not above shitting his pants over a drow. 3. (Rizdaer lifts his knee, revealing a hidden stone.) Here's a noble you failed to eliminate. She'll accuse you and call for the whole city to destroy your House. You lost. PC: Look closer, Rizdaer. (There's your stone next to his.) She's dead.
  13. Hey, figured it'd be best to ask this here. I took Diriel and Rizdaer (and a few others, but they're the romance-potentials) along, intending for my CN elf to end up with our boy Diriel.. and I think I flirted with Riz a bit too much because the option to talk to Diriel in private shut down and the option to turn Riz away disappeared. Unfortunately it must have taken a bit too long for me to notice, because I don't have any saves where it's still there (and not there, respectively). ^_^; Is there any way that I can rectify this with the globals without creating a huge fireball visible from space? I think if I can figure out Diriel's romance global, I should be able to restart it and roll back the LTs. Riz's was there, Dir's is not.
  14. Ahhh. Yet another reason I'll eventually have to pick up NWN2, I see
  15. I missed ice cream?? Haven't been around here in a while, great to see stuff's still chugging along, especially with all the roadblocks thrown in the way. It seems you've had terrible luck recently. ^^; Honestly, I'd beg for another spoiler, but I'm terrible with those. I'm one of those people who will take a look at the last page before I begin a book. @_@ *also donates bread, milk and honey* Berelinde > Oh god, I'm seconding the hope that all was not lost. That'd be.. pretty much soul-crushing if I was your shoes. D:
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