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  1. That'd be great Plus I typically install a whole slew of mods (and Check the Bodies), so it would more than likely be a good compatability test. If a mod doesn't explode into a firey ball visible from space in my install.. it's pretty much got no compatibility problems.
  2. I didn't read far enough to see any reference to Aklon, but I wouldn't pay much attention to what he says anyway. It appears that he enjoys using the anonymity of the internet in order to tear other people down. There is such a thing as *helpful* criticism, and then there's such a thing as simply being a jerk. I think he falls into the latter catagory. Good luck finishing Aklon BigRob! I agree. There is criticism, and then there is being hateful for shits and giggles/just to be hateful. That really annoys me. On a more positive note, I have brought offerings of nutella for the muses in the hopes that they will be especially generous with the inspiration. I'm actually not dead. I think. Night shift does funny things to a person.
  3. How is it going? From what I could glean from the Rosenranken thread, it seems like it's pretty close to complete Any hope for me to bribe my way in? Would it work on BGT as it is now? I'm holding off my installation until he's playable.
  4. I missed ice cream?? Haven't been around here in a while, great to see stuff's still chugging along, especially with all the roadblocks thrown in the way. It seems you've had terrible luck recently. ^^; Honestly, I'd beg for another spoiler, but I'm terrible with those. I'm one of those people who will take a look at the last page before I begin a book. @_@ *also donates bread, milk and honey* Berelinde > Oh god, I'm seconding the hope that all was not lost. That'd be.. pretty much soul-crushing if I was your shoes. D:
  5. Rah, rah, sis boom bah! *waves pompoms* I also second the rawr.
  6. I've had this as a standard mod on my BGT installation and have never had a problem with it.
  7. I get the feeling you're talking about the kind of fire that Edwin might provide.. In which case, it could still be romantic! ...Maybe.
  8. Illness? Feeling better now though? *sends cookies and milk* Work spoils all our fun, doesn't it? Pity it's a necessary evil.
  9. Thats good to hear. Oh yeah, I expect some to be in it, both because the PC has to have a voice for as many people as can be managed, and because I'd want it to stay as much to the NPC's BioWare personality as possible. I was just basically hoping for nothing really over the top, even in PC options.. I'd like any 'jump at her and eat her eyeballs out of her head' options to be late in the.. hate trees.. if at all.. That's also nice to know about Anomen.
  10. The mod isn't going to have TOO much anti-aerie in it, is it? I have a hard time playing Kelsey because of the anti-anomen in it.
  11. That kitten sounds really cute. Pity you can't train it to code. I shudder to think what kinds of things my cat would code if he knew how. He is entirely too devious for his own good. The very picture of innocence as well.. seems to be an innate ability for cats. I should be taking lessons.
  12. And as always, we're anxiously waiting.
  13. Awww. I think I'm the only one who likes Aerie, and is looking forward to her romance with Aklon. Ah well. *shields her from all of her very enthusiastic non-fans*
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