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  1. Just a quick question. Is there anything major that's going to be fixed shortly, or is it safe to start a new playthrough using v34.1? The question is more about BG1, since I will be able to install a newer version of SCS once I get to BG2 (if it comes out in between, that is). I've fixed the druid.tph problem locally, so this issue doesn't concern me.
  2. Not an expert, but the string "null null" is used like that in many other *.tph files, so I doubt this is an accident. I may be wrong though, so don't quote me on this.
  3. This is funny. I had no idea he gets created inside the door . I though the command didn't work for some reason .
  4. I still have this problem. I've just tested using BGEE v2.6.6.0 (from GOG), and the newest SCS v34. Please have a look at this short video. This is a completely clean installation of the game, with only the single component installed from SCS. // Log of Currently Installed WeiDU Mods // The top of the file is the 'oldest' mod // ~TP2_File~ #language_number #component_number // [Subcomponent Name -> ] Component Name [ : Version] // Recently Uninstalled: ~STRATAGEMS/SETUP-STRATAGEMS.TP2~ #0 #100 // Install in batch mode (ask about all components before starting installation). DO NOT USE WITH PROJECT INFINITY.: 34 // Recently Uninstalled: ~STRATAGEMS/SETUP-STRATAGEMS.TP2~ #0 #4100 // Improved NPC customisation and management: 34 ~STRATAGEMS/SETUP-STRATAGEMS.TP2~ #0 #4100 // Improved NPC customisation and management: 34
  5. Thank you very much for the update, and the info! I was right in the midst of mod installation in preparation for a full playthrough . Will wait for the updated release then.
  6. He does have some "illegal" buffs, doesn't he? I haven't verified myself, but according to https://github.com/BGforgeNet/bg2-tweaks-and-tricks/blob/master/docs/gameplay.md#just-a-few-selected-enemies, he has "permanent spell turning" in the original game, which I don't think SCS removes, or does it? If not, then adding SCS scripts and improving his spell selection on top of that probably makes him even stronger than anyone has ever intended .
  7. Please check https://www.gibberlings3.net/forums/topic/31468-sword-coast-stratagems-v33-now-available/?do=findComment&comment=293929. You may also want to read other posts following that one.
  8. Not only that. One can literally one-strike kill most mages with a backstab, including bosses like Davaeorn (in whose case it wouldn't actually be possible in the original BG, since there he starts with some protections as soon as we enter his lair).
  9. Well, if you watch my video with Davaeorn, you can see that he was fumbling around from the very beginning of the fight. It was only much later that he actually started to cast some spells, and at that point the fight was done anyway. This can be a different issue though, as he definitely wasn't out of spells when that behaviour occurred.
  10. Thank you very much . I am going to use the new version in my upcoming playthrough. Is there any chance for an update to the IWDEE skin as well?
  11. I think that I have encountered some kind of glitch when fighting Davaeorn. The fight began with him casting a combo of web and stinking cloud, but then he somehow stopped doing anything. He walked close to the party and either stood in place or kept walking around a few steps, but otherwise neither cast spells nor attacked in melee. I decided to start recording the screen once the game glitched, just to have this on video for evidence. Please excuse my mistakes and the overall fumbling around . Here is the video. Please check the first half to see what the glitch was about. This is my SCS installation. Also, the fight was played on hardcore difficulty with no other tweaks.
  12. I have a question regarding the hotkeys listed in stratagems.ini. [hotkeys] hot_key_A=A hot_key_B=B hot_key_C=C hot_key_D=D hot_key_E=E hot_key_F=F hot_key_K=K hot_key_S=S hot_key_V=V There is no explanation in the readme, and I have not been able to find any specific information regarding them listed anywhere explicitly. I have tried to deduce their function by analysing the source code, and this is what I have come up with. Please correct me if there are any errors. hot_key_A: unused? hot_key_B: protection from fire, lightning, magic energy (Ease-of-use party AI) hot_key_C: Cleric chaotic commands (Ease-of-use party AI) hot_key_D: EquipMostDamagingMelee (?) hot_key_E: enable/disable summons AI hot_key_F: EquipRanged (?) hot_key_K: No-melee mode deactivated (?) hot_key_S: various Pre-cast mode activated (?) hot_key_V: cleric death ward (Ease-of-use party AI) Also, missing from readme, but present in the source code: hot_key_G: ReallyForceSpellRES (?) hot_key_Z: Paladin protection from evil (Ease-of-use party AI) One problem that I have with those is that there does not seem to be a way to change them after installing SCS… and if you are unaware of that and only later realise that they conflict with your custom key bindings in the game, then you are out of luck. I have only recently realised that the key "E", which I use for displaying inventory, also keeps turning on and off the summons AI .
  13. I have a question regarding the Improved kobolds component. Basically, often I have encountered these seemingly double spawn ambushes. What I mean is that a group of normal kobolds spawns first, and then half a second later a group of kobold guards is added on top of them. Is this the intended behaviour? If they all spawned at the same time, I would have no doubts, but this slight delay makes me wonder whether only one of the two groups was intended to spawn at that time. Especially since this delay is similar to the one that I have encountered and reported earlier regarding the dogs added to the amazon waylay encounter.
  14. Thank you for the explanation. I have not really studied the scripts to know all the nitty-gritty. This can be a little tricky, as a bard may not necessarily be used strictly as a spell caster (e.g. the blade kit), but yes, I personally would suggest going for bard>cleric. This may matter less in BG2 with all the protective spells, but in BG1 bards (with no armour) are almost as fragile as mages, so I think that it would make sense for enemy archers to target them prior to targeting druids or clerics. Relative armour checks would be cool though .
  15. That could be it… although I was quite surprised, as both Jaheira and Viconia were quite heavily armoured, while the bard had no armour whatsoever . This is my first SCS playthrough without a mage, so there is that, and previously when I did have a mage in the party, archers always seemed to target him no matter what, hence the surprise.
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