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  1. Spellhold Studios Hailing from the Ten Towns region, Tashia is a young, female, elven sorceress. After some dark moments in her past, Tashia is currently taking a break from adventuring. Once you convince her to join, you will find her a loyal, steadfast traveling companion. Tashia is romanceable, and the module spans both Shadows of Amn and Throne of Bhaal. She has dialogue with every NPC, plenty of non-party interactions, and three different epilogues. Version 1.1 includes a number of fixes for various bugs and typos. Related links: Download link Readme Mod website Mod forum
  2. Is the Valygar Romance completely new content, or is it based on/has any affiliation with Corthala Romantique from a couple of years ago?
  3. Spellhold Studios The NPC Damage mod is not for the faint of heart. As your party NPCs take Damage, their appearance will change accordingly to show the injuries they sustain. This mod is inspired by Planescape: Torment, and was originally conceived and developed by Immortality, Grim Squeaker and SimDing0. As development slowed down to a full stop, the mod fell away from the community, until khayman and SConrad decided to take up the idea and finish the mod. Only the day after the initial release, an update for v.1 has been made available. v1.1 includes a Spanish translation (both mod and readme) by Immortality/ClanDLAN. There is no need to re-download if you're using the English version of the mod. Related links: Download link Readme Spanish Readme Mod website Mod forum
  4. Spellhold Studios Spellhold Studios presents the NPC Damage mod--a new mod, but old idea, for Baldur's Gate II SoA/ToB. The NPC Damage mod is not for the faint of heart. As your party NPCs take Damage, their appearance will change accordingly to show the injuries they sustain. This mod is inspired by Planescape: Torment, and was originally concepted and developed by Immortality, Grim Squeaker and SimDing0. As development slowed down to a full stop, the mod fell away from the community, until khayman and SConrad decided to take up the idea and finish the mod. Version 1 includes portraits for all Bioware NPCs. Samples can be found in the mod forum. Related links: Download link Readme Mod website Mod forum
  5. I can understand--and to a certain point emphatize with modders who want to protect their creations by applying somewhat absurd restrictions by saying "don't do anything to my NPC without my permission!" There are, whether we like it or not, emotional bonds between us and our characters. It's only natural. However, I think most of these modders fail to see that the community itself already is protecting the mod and/or the characters for them. The modding community is, and always has been, something akin to a free market. And free markets, such as this one, all have a tendency to regulate themselves. We recognize good quality, and we recognize bad quality, and we have a way of weeding out the good from the bad. If someone attempted to release an adaptation of Kelsey as a vicious serial rapist with a fondness for blood and gummibears, he's going to run into trouble. Not because JC has said "don't touch Kelsey," but because the community invariably will recognize this for what it is--bad, and totally out of character. The modder will have a hard time gaining any kind of good publicity and being listed in mod recommendations, and an even harder time getting hosting on the respectable forums. The community will either ignore the mod, or come down on it with a sledgehammer. At the same time, JC can sit back and enjoy all the non-headache he didn't get by not placing any restrictions on the character in the first place. If someone's adaptation of my character was good--maybe even better than my own--on the other hand, I'd be the first to stand in line and give a pat on the back. After all, this person has done me nothing but favors, since he's given me publicity and flattered me by devoting his own free time building on my creation. I'd be very happy camper if that came to pass. I think the Fear Of The Modders is mostly unwarranted and is only going to cause them more trouble than it will ever save them from. Spare yourself the grief and anxiety, and do some more modding instead.
  6. I never thought I'd ever say this, but I agree with pretty much everyhing JC's said throughout this topic. (As for the SHS/PPG and BGT/Tutu conflicts of the past, I believe we're starting to see a completely new rift/fracture in the community. Funny, that.)
  7. Spellhold Studios Although Zyraen has had it in progress for a while, we are proud to announce that Silmarillion, a new Total Conversion for Baldur's Gate II, now is hosted at SHS. Silmarillion takes place in the world of J.R.R. Tolkien, and this occurs in the First Age of Middle-Earth, where the mighty High Elves strove against Morgoth (aka Melkor), a God that walked the world, for 3 jewels called the Silmarils, crafted by Feanor the greatest craftsman that ever was, who captured the Light of the Creation of the world within his perfect creations. To give a quick comparison to the 3rd Age of Middle-Earth - Sauron is essentially similar to Gandalf, both are of essence Spirits (called Maia), whereas Morgoth was a God that predated the creation of the world. The Balrog that Gandalf encountered in Moria is also considered a Spirit-level being, and Morgoth in his time, ruled over all the Balrogs there were, and moved them in regiments over battlefields. Morgoth himself also was the creator of Orcs, and later on, Werewolves, Wyrms, Wyrms made of pure Iron or Flame, and Winged Dragons. The Elves were by no means the pale pathetic shadow of the 3rd Age. Despite Morgoth's power, the forefathers of Elrond besieged his realm Angband and the fortress of Thangorodrim, with relative ease, keeping it up for more than half of the First Age, almost 400 years. The mod begins at the Havens, where you are a commander of Earendil and the remnants of the peoples there. Earendil has not yet set sail, but the Havens is under frequent attacks by Morgoth's forces, and Earendil himself has taken ill, a condition unheard of among Elves. Elwing reveals that there is some disturbance in the timestream of the past, by an unknown force, and Earendil is channeling his powers to prevent its effects from washing over the Havens. Take a party back to the past, and get more party members to fix up all the events. Check out the new Silmarillion forum for more information!
  8. Spellhold Studios A new (and final) version of Spellhold Gauntlet has been released by Zyraen. The new version includes a number of fixes and additions, including a seamless Spellhold-Be-Gone component. Sick of Spellhold? Don't want to have to go through the puzzles and the quests for the hundredth time just to escape? Well, this is the mod for you... An extra apparition shows up in the area where you have a chance to pick up Imoen. It offers a simple alternative to the complicated puzzles and tests and levels that the Spellhold Maze offers: the Spellhold Gauntlet. The Spellhold Gauntlet is a series of trials meant to test your limits, both your mettle and your resource management. If you survive you probably have considerable focus of both mind and body. In this chamber you shall be in the centre of the room and be continuously set upon by waves of enemies, and you will receive tokens in return for defeating each wave with which you can use to leave Spellhold, buy new items, and more. Related links: Download link Mod website Mod forum Changelog
  9. Spellhold Studios Beyond the Law, a mod by Zyraen, has been updated to v1.35! The new release includes various bugfixes and other minor updates. About BtL: Kova, a mage/thief with an unsavoury background and good heart (or so he claims), and a law-enforcing, impartial (or so she claims) archer called Kiyone, comes together to join the party in this intriguing Mod about proving one man's innocence against the odds, and about the unlikely yet strong bond formed between the two people, so different yet so much alike. BTL also examines many of our concepts of good & evil, right & wrong, justice & forgiveness, courage & despair, means & ends, and most importantly, perhaps, what it means to really live, and to find a purpose in that, amidst this journey of self-discovery between these two NPCs. Related links: Download link Mod website Mod forum
  10. Spellhold Studios Sylmar Battlefield v 1.02 Aid a nation of elves with an invasion into their holy burial grounds. Fight in a war alongside the elven army, and test your battlefield acumen by combating against continually attacking hosts of orcs and even against deadly, nightmarish demons, while keeping the elven commander alive and their holy grounds sacred. The Orcs and Elves, and some other CREs, scale according to your level and move in squads. This mod is meant to be a small sample battlefield, as a precursor of what is to come in Silmarillion. It is NOT a Total Conversion and is totally compatible with all other WeiDU mods. Related links: Download Forum discussion Changelog
  11. Spellhold Studios Baldur's Gate Trilogy-WeiDU v1.05a has been released! You can get it from the usual places (list of download mirrors) when it is uploaded to the servers. Check the SHS mirror for first availability. Among bugfixes and a few gameplay changes, this version introduces a Simplified Chinese translation and the option of auto-installation, which simplifies large mega-modification installs. You might also notice a few changes to the installation process, in that the final DOS portion of the installation runs straight after the WeiDU portion without having to press a key, a complete installation of BG:TotSC is verified in the BG:TotSC installation directory specified, and installation of music for BGT-WeiDU has been separated from the installation of a custom GUI for BGT-WeiDU, both of which are optional. Finally, due to these and other changes in this release, you must start a new game. Continuation of saved games from older versions of BGT-WeiDU may result in crashes-to-desktop or game-breaking bugs. Related links: Download link Download mirrors Changes from v1.04 BGT-WeiDU forum BGT page on SHS website
  12. Spellhold Studios Version 0.43 of Classic Adventures has been released. This is a patch for your current game (yeah, 100MB is a patch these days). You can find it in the download section just like the 0.42 version. If you don't have 0.42, you need that installed first. This covers the original A3 mod, the third in the slavers series. There are no worldmap changes, so you should be able to continue from a saved game. However, I do have many fixes to some older areas. Also, we have a new building in Saltmarsh (though you can't enter yet), so the doorway won't be in your current game if you have already been there. Related links: Download link Classic Adventures website Classic Adventures forum Classic Adventures page on SHS website
  13. Spellhold Studios Both Refinements and The Bigg Tweak Pack have been updated to 3.10 and 2.10, respectively. Updates involve bugfixes, code changes and WeiDU 200! Related links: Refinements v3.10: Mod Forum Main Download Location Mod Readme The Bigg Tweak Pack v2.10: Mod Forum Main Download Location Mod Readme The mods will also be available on all the IEGMC mirrors and on the Dragon's Hoard Download Centre as soon as these mirrors are updated.
  14. Spellhold Studios Classic Adventures (v036) has now been updated and is available for download. Any and all who are interested in test-driving this new model are encouraged to go to the download location to get it! Don't miss the CA forum, either...
  15. Spellhold Studios One of the oldest Baldur's Gate II NPC modules, Tashia is a romanceable female, elven sorceress who hails from the Ten Towns region of Faerun. Tashia Remix greatly expands on Arian's work. While retaining almost all of the original material, this module includes dialogue with every NPC for both SoA and ToB, improved Flirt Talks, new riddles, extra lovetalks (some of which are unique based on the PC's class), more portraits to choose from, and other additions. Related links: - Download - Mod forum - Mod information - Mod Readme
  16. Fixed - fixpackers should now be able to see the Baldurdash forum. If someone who should be able to for some reason doesn't see it - let me know, and I'll set it up asap. Also, if someone had funky permission masks to begin with, it's a possibility that I might have overridden that, since I queried the database directly instead of using the AdminCP to fix permissions (much faster). Let me know if that's the case.
  17. Spellhold Studios A number of mods have received a routine update for bug solving (no additional content provided). Refinements v3.02: Mod Forum - Main Download Location - Mod Readme The Bigg Tweak Pack v2.01: Mod Forum - Main Download Location - Mod Readme The Bigg Quest Pack v2.02: Mod Forum - Main Download Location - Mod Readme Also, WeiDU v188 is ready: Tool Forum - Main Download Location (Windows) - Main Download Location (OSX) - Tool Readme All these mods will also be available on all the IEGMC mirrors and on the Dragon's Hoard Download Centre as soon as these mirrors are updated.
  18. Spellhold Studios Sir BillyBob has released several mod revisions, among them WeiDU'ed versions of Arnel's Nalia Romance and Exnem Vault. And this is just the beginning - be sure to check out his Revisions forum for updates. Related links: - Mod Forum - Download.
  19. Spellhold Studios As a Christmas present, here's a multiple mod release by Bigg. A new version of Refinements, featuring Polish language by Yarpen, a pair of new install-time choices (including one from Borsook) and some bugfixes. Download link - Mod Readme - Mod Forum A new version of The Bigg Quest Pack and The Bigg Tweak Pack, both featuring some new components: Download Link - Mod Readme - Mod Forum Last but not least, WeiDU v187 (dubbed 'BiggDU' by Andyr) is revealed: Download Link (the Mac OS X binary is available from the new versions of the mod above) - Readme - Mod Forum Merry Christmas and good downloading from The Bigg
  20. Happy birthday, Pete.
  21. IIRC, the source is free to use. And yeh, it would be awesome. Preferably in a regexp or folder syntax, so that we could use OGG_TO_WAV ~mymod/audio~ ~override~.
  22. What if you delete the dummy files with the batch files before converting the oggs to wavs? Alternatively, you can always patch the .dlg (or whatever) to use GS#sound.wav instead of sound.wav. That can be very tricky to do if there are a lot of soundfiles, however...
  23. Spellhold Studios Since earlier today, the brand new SHS Download Centre has been made available through the SHS Downloads Page. All hosted mods can now be downloaded by choosing "SHS Mirror" in the mirror list. The download directory can also browsed directly. The mirror hosts all the latest versions of all mods found at SHS. Should there be any issues or questions about the new download centre, don't hesitate to reply in this thread, PM me or send an email to sconrad[-at-]spellholdstudios.net. Feedback and download speed reports are very much encouraged, so that we can make sure to maintain the quality of the mirror. Related links: - SHS Download Page - Browse the download directory - Spellhold Studios - Spellhold Studios Forum
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