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  1. He's talking about the reverse conversion; from .cre to .chr.
  2. Is anyone requesting this? It'd definently be revolutionary.
  3. Dialogues contain strrefs, not the strings. You'd fix the commenting, though. And yes, this is one of the few cases where we should advocate STRING_SETs.t Oh, there's that too. Can't believe I forgot that. Cam and me were talking about it earlier today...
  4. Wouldn't work with GOVWAU01.cre, since the term goddess is used in other states. Sure, I can work around it, but that might be too much effort for such a small thing. Besides, we have the entire Baldurdash Text Update as STRING_SET's. Would these two strings make any difference?
  5. The title says: 25 PickPockets(O:Target*) when the example says: PickPocket([ANYONE]) According to action.ids, the first one is correct.
  6. This'll fix NiGHTMARE's reported dialogue correction located here. STRING_SET 45203 ~Some have, indeed, abandoned the Waukeenar faith for Lliira, Shaundakul and Tymora, thinking she will never return. But this town was founded by Waukeen... we cannot abandon her.~ STRING_SET 58438 ~Some have abandoned our mistress for the god of caravans, Shaundakul, and others... but there are many who wait patiently for her return.~
  7. I've fixed the Shaundakar issue with STRING_SET's.
  8. Btw, I just found out that the game is also inconsistent with their GLOBAL's, they use both Roenal and Roenall, and they use Roenal far more often than Roenall in this case. A subject of fixing?
  9. Btw, are you looking at the non-Baldurdash text update of dialog.tlk?
  10. The Jerry Zinger Show is coming up nicely, a release is due to a few weeks. But we need someone to voice Jerry himself. Description of work - Voice 30-50 short strings (for the first release). - Be available for later voicing, when new releases come. Requirements - Male (sorry, gals). - US accent. How to apply? - Send me or Shed a PM, and we'll send you a few strings for you to voice, along with further instructions.
  11. // Sarevok COPY_EXISTING ~sarevok.cre~ ~override~  WRITE_BYTE 0x57 4 BUT_ONLY_IF_IT_CHANGES // Nalia COPY_EXISTING ~nalia13.cre~ ~override~  WRITE_BYTE 0x54 11 BUT_ONLY_IF_IT_CHANGES COPY_EXISTING ~nalia15.cre~ ~override~  WRITE_BYTE 0x54 11 BUT_ONLY_IF_IT_CHANGES COPY_EXISTING ~nalia18.cre~ ~override~  WRITE_BYTE 0x54 11 BUT_ONLY_IF_IT_CHANGES
  12. /me checks in. Hey, all. I'll be working on this as well, since I want to do some RAEL M0DDING instead of just editing dialogue all the time. Now, I have a question. I saw this i the "Outstanding Bugs"-thread: But as I checked it up, I discovered that the item-effects are correct, while the description isn't. So, are we going to fix things such as this? In that case: COPY_EXISTING ~chan08.itm~ ~override~ SAY IDENTIFIED_DESC ~Chain mail is made of interlocking metal rings. It is always worn over a layer of padded fabric or soft leather to prevent chafing and lessen the impact of blows. Extra protection is given by magical enchantments placed on this armor. STATISTICS: Armor Class: 3 Weight: 10 Requires: 8 Strength Not Usable By: Druid Mage Thief Kensai Monk Archer Beast Master Stalker~ (Can't use STRING_SET - Chain Mail +1 uses the same string for description... )
  13. Just glad to be of help.
  14. Eh, Andy, it compiles just fine for me... What version of WeiDU are you running?
  15. Kai, the meeting was in August, so you weren't even a member here at that time.
  16. I have to post here as well. Happy birthday, Cam! I hope you have a great day, mate!
  17. I should probably put up Khadion here, as well. Added
  18. Jester: WTF? Rastor: The first post in this thread is almost identical to the readme.
  19. As a result of an IRC-conversation, I decided to finally release the "Worship the Unseeing Eye-mod". Download For download, click here. About This mod gives you the opportunity to worship the Unseeing Eye. To begin the life as a follower of the Unseeing Eye, answer "Yes" when Gaal, the preacher in the Temple district, asks you if you want to worship the Unseeing Eye. Simple as that. Installation Click the WtUE-v1.exe. Follow the instructions. The WtUE-v1.exe will execute the WeiDU installer to install the mod. To assure maximum compatibility, this mod ought to be installed before any other WeiDU-mods. This is, however, not required for the mod to work. Known Bugs I can safely assure everyone that there are no bugs in v1, it's fully tested. Credits SConrad - the creator. Thanks to: igi - invaluable motivator Theo - for destroying a NSIS-bug
  20. Hmm... *The Iron Viking wonders if he should compete*
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