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  1. Having recently played the Island of Balduran quests in BGEE for the first time, I was again reminded what an interesting character Delainy is. A pity we can't have her in our party... yet. I wish you good luck with completing this mod.
  2. I haven't been actively posting in years, but I do still keep an eye on promising BG mod projects. The series itself is still far from dead (for example the recent release of the BG1 Enhanced Edition) and because big developers like EAware no longer make any proper CRPGs, there's always room for new content. Obviously this mod has been under development for a very, very long time, but that's one reason why it would be such a shame to see all the work go to waste, so don't give up.
  3. I don't post much nowadays, but I've still been following some of the promising BG mods, including Delainy. I have BG2 installed, ready and waiting for Del to get released. So keep up the good work and know that there are still people around who like the BG series and appreciate everything you modders have done (and continue to do) to make these classics even better.
  4. Pekka

    ToB news

    Sounds quite realistic to me, considering the situation in ToB. Just don't overdo it, I don't see Amber as the prophet of Schopenhauerian pessimism. Long is good.
  5. Very good to see you're making progress once again.
  6. I'd be lying if I said I'm not disappointed - Delainy has been the most eagerly anticipated NPC mod in my list for a long time - but as has been stated, there are many, many things in life more important than module development. So take your time, relax, do whatever you want - I'm sure the modding community won't disappear for a while. But I have to add that it would be a real loss if Delainy never sees the light of day. Everything I've read about the mod sounds extremely promising. So whatever happens, you're clearly a brilliant writer, Bri.
  7. Unless you want to expand some of the final chapters by adding new quests or other Delainy-related material. It is possible to play through ToB quite quickly, so compared to SoA there's definitely room for improvement. I know nothing about modding, but I guess adding such things would be somewhat complicated and time-consuming, so I'm perfectly satisfied with a "simple", well-written NPC module without any extra stuff the programming of which could cause nasty delays.
  8. Not a bad idea at all. It's always frustrating to play through SoA and then be forced to wait for the ToB part of a module, especially if the mod is a good one...
  9. Umm, April Fool's Day is the 1st of April, right?
  10. Any chance of getting this long-awaited mod before Christmas? (year 2004, that is ) Just being curious, as I plan to have a long holiday in December (with wife & child going away for a couple of days - finally just me and my computer in the house ), so I should have plenty of time for BG. That's all, and good luck with the project!
  11. No need to apologize, I'm sure you know what you are doing! *hmm, this reminds me of Sledge Hammer; "Trust me, I know what I'm doing!"* Of course you have to edit something and not everything can be included in a mod - I guess it's the same as with books and movies; sometimes you just *have to* leave something out. Hmm, I hope that made some sense, I'm tired...zzzz
  12. You're welcome. You see, since I know absolutely nothing about programming, and writing and devoloping fantasy characters is really not my cup of tea, giving votes of confidence is the only way I can support you great people making these mods for all of us to enjoy. So keep up the good work and I promise to you that I won't be running out of thank-yous for a long time!
  13. A monk NPC, excellent! I've played the game twice as a monk, they are the best fighters IMO. With 2 monks in the party you can literally kick anybody's ass! Too bad the BG2 engine doesn't have any nice martial arts techniques - but maybe Jade Empire will satisfy my need for a little Kung-Fu fighting.
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