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  1. The description of the Feralan kit states the Feralan cannot wear any armour. However, as I observed when installing the Feralan kit (and nothing else) in a fresh install of BG:EE version 2.5 my Feralan ranger can wear both the chainmail and splintmail you can buy at Winthrop's. I tested this when I noticed my Feralan charname could buy and wear chainmail, splintmail and platemail in a modded campaign of mine, so I tested it on a clean install with just the Feralan kit and saw it there too. Pending an update of the mod (is any coming? version 8 BETA is the newest up, since November 2, 2014), is there any way to fix this behaviour, so my Feralan can't don armour? WeiDU.log
  2. What's the news on compatibility with the 2.5 patch? Mini-quests and encounters is bread-and-butter in all of my BG campaigns, but now I'm building an install on BGEE 2.5, will I run into problems?
  3. Thanks for pointing me where to look. It's not a bug then, but just me being unaware where the spells show up. I looked for them in my spellbook and under the abilities button, but indeed they're to be found on the far right under the castable spells button.
  4. I've got Sword Coast Stratagems installed with the "Treat mages' and priests' High-Level Abilities as innate abilities rather than memorisable spells" tweak. However, when a caster in my party reaches a level that a HLA can be selected, the HLA selection screen works as normal on the level-up screen, but in-game the abilities don't show up under the abilities tab. For Anomen, only the berserker ability is shown but not the Planetar chosen. For my Charname mage, the sequencers and Slayer ability show up, but not the Fallen Planetar I've chosen. Resting doesn't solve the problem. Is there a way using CLUA or EEKeeper to add the abilities to my casters? I'm looking for a fix to continue this playthrough with my chosen HLA's. See WeiDu for the mods I've installed. Thanks in advance for any help. WeiDU.log
  5. Gavin got the 'missing persons in Beregost' quest from the Morninglord in the Beregost Temple. I am given directions to where the persons went missing from Penny, yet the door to the house I need to be is locked. I didn't have a thief at that time in my party, so I recruited Tiax, got his Open Locks up to 101 with buffs, yet still I failed to pick the door. I went to an old BG Tutu game where I solved this quest, to check if it was the proper house I tried and how I solved it back then. I found out in Tutu, running Gavin v7, I didn't need to pick the lock at all, the door could just be opened, it was unlocked. Now, running BGEE v2.3.67.3 and Gavin v11, I'm stuck with an unpickable lock and the quest remaining incompletable. Can anyone tell me what's going wrong and how I can proceed the quest? Thanks in advance to anyone able to help, I attach the WeiDu log of this installation just in case. WeiDU.log
  6. Just starting a new campaign where I will take Mazzy in my party. Will try out your fix. Thanks for the info!
  7. A question for the moderators and modders of this community: Wouldn't it be nice to have a topic dedicated to BGEE modding on here as well as a Gibberlings3-topic on Beamdog's BGEE-forum? Modding for BGEE is getting off the ground, but there's also a lot of questions on the side of players on which of their favourite mods are being worked on and what progress is made. Concerning Gibberlings3-based mods, there's especially a want for the G3-tweakpack (which has already been made compatible AFAIK), the NPC1-Project (you are working on it I know), Sword Coast Stratagems (any news?), level 1 NPC's and Spell Revisions. But of course there's more mods that need loving attention to make them BGEE-compatible, for example the Divine Remix and Song and Silence mods. My suggestion would be to create place on this forum where news on BGEE-compatibility is concentrated.
  8. Nice to see G3 back online! Now I can start planning a new SOA install.
  9. Doublepost. Forum is slow. I donated something with Paypal, G3 could use better servers
  10. Nice quick reply, DavidW! Thanks to your advice (removing REQUIRE_PREDICATE in setup-scsii.tp2) I could indeed de-install the improved version and now I did defeat him! Onward to TOB.
  11. I've almost finished the first SOA campaign I started 2 years ago, when SCS v.13 was the newest version. I installed Improved Irenicus in Hell, not realizing how hard even the unimproved battle would be. Only for this particular campaign, when i rerun setup-scs.exe and i get the lists of components with options to Re-install, Un-install or No Change, the option I'm looking for, Improved Irenicus tells me 'Faithful adaptation of the tactics version: - skipping this component as you have the original (Tactics) Improved Irenicus installed'. But I don't want to skip the component, I want to remove it and end my campaign honorably by defeating the standard smarter mages Irenicus. I'm quite sure I'm not enough a powergamer to do a Weimer battle. Is there a way to remove Improved Jon in Hell? (WeiDu of this install attached with the post). Thanks in advance, Son of Imoen.
  12. Sure. Go into the Dialogue/Interjections.d file and find the block labelled "disappointed by Firkraag" and replace it with this: // Disappointed by Firkraag INTERJECT FIRKRA02 5 GI#TF.Firkraag == G#TYRISJ IF ~InParty("G#Tyris") !StateCheck("G#Tyris",CD_STATE_NOTVALID)~ THEN @5 == FIRKRA02 @6 = @7 END FIRKRA02 7 Then reinstall Tyris. I want to fix the bug in my install, but wont reinstalling Tyris this way break the romance?
  13. I ran into the same bug when trying out Mazzy, with the kitpack installed. I therefore didn't take her back then. Is it a known bug? Is something being done about it? It would be good to see it fixed before taking Mazzy in the party again, or I'd rather have the vanilla Mazzy. She's overpowered with 2 sets of abilities, plus it's messy.
  14. My method is to copy-paste the entire folder of a clean install, paste it to a different location and go on with modding the pasted folder. But in the baldur.ini file I forgot to change the line HD0:=G:\Black Isle\Baldurs Gate II GOG.com\ (the clean install) into HD0:=G:\Black Isle\BGII - Eriodal\ (the game I want to play). Without doing that, the game, though started with G:\Black Isle\BGII - Eriodal\bgmain.exe, still looked (at least in some cases) to G:\Black Isle\Baldurs Gate II GOG.com\override for its data and thus couldn't find the text by Gaelan Bayle - at least, that's what I think after re-installing the game and again getting the bug. It's a stupid error, I admit, as changing the HD0= line in the baldur.ini is the first thing I do when modding a copy of the game - and now I forgot.
  15. I am used to starting new campaigns by copy-pasting the contents of a clean install I always keep (de-installing that clean install will cause problems for other campaigns I keep, I fear), but I will try making a completely new clean install by using the GOG-installer I bought. My old 'clean install' turned out not to be completely clean (it had 2 auto-saves and 2 quicksaves from testing, as well as a cache-folder with .bif-files in it).
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