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  1. unless you count from 1998...
  2. HD re-release? this is attributed to "the rumor mill". where the hell is the rumor mill if not hereabouts? xD
  3. i figured that of all places to see skeptical speculation about this - which i just heard about 15 minutes ago - i would see either the least or the most of it on a mod forum.
  4. any shifting of the onus is definitely progress! thanks for not vanishing
  5. applied to bhaalspawn, shouldn't class restrictions have 'wiggle room'? maybe consider it a HLA.
  6. no longer have my pnp gear, but iirc mummy rot was some sort of 'curse that behaves like a disease' and which required a minimum priest level for proper removal, or paladin's original curing ability. i know that doesn't necessarily translate to the engine or any particular mods, but it might be why that is not working for you (if anyone).
  7. right, sorry, i had noted that a third NPC was in tutu but for some reason it didn't sink in that it was a merchant... thanks for the explication.
  8. can't help you there - at least not yet... no, it adds 9 kits as well (i'll probably try out chorister, adventurer and sharpshooter, and i ended up giving Alora the burglar kit with the lvl1npcs mod), and i'm pretty sure that s&s and RR adjust the original kits and true classes in different ways - nonconflicting and nonoverlapping - except: as far as install-order discrepancies, the only one i'm noticing is that s&s opens up more alignment choices and RR narrows them down... i put in s&s first for this reason (LG backstabbers and pickpockets seem absurd to me, evil-only assassins are definitely more in line with PnP guidelines, and chaotic-only jesters make perfect sense (so to speak)) - and of course because of where it was on the easytutu compatibility list ToBEx is awesome - i think you already have the core of it as a result of installing SCS, but if you like the look of http://www.shsforums...ds&showfile=871 (i think the full readme is right there) ... and the consensus is to stick that in before anything else (post-tutuToB-conversion). i also think there's a good amount of sensible content in aTweaks: http://readme.spellh...me_atweaks.html
  9. seconded! and (i've only checked 1/6 romances so far...) plus a cheer for the easytutu compatibility thread; it's a tremendous help!
  10. yes, i certainly took A64's word for that in the first place (just forgot to keep it in mind while going through the list that doesn't mention ToBEx [yet]). now i'm simply in the process of finding out just how bad an idea it was to install it as late as i did. had a momentary jolt of superstitious fear when i saw the ToBEx console, which wasn't present ~9 months ago (in a much more sensible install as well), but have gotten over it...
  11. quick question while i'm poking around and pestering... sorry if i've overlooked prior coverage, but: any similarity/identicality/conflict between bg2tweaks' heavy armor adjustments (thieving & arcane) and the same in Full Plate & Packing Steel? haven't seen either's readme mention the other at all, just going through a pretty hefty tutu+ install...
  12. ugh. another bucket o' fail on my part - i'm calling up too many readmes at once.
  13. so, there is no conflict between the thieving adjustments for heavy armor here and the same adjustments in BG2Tweaks? just asking because i didn't see any mention of overlap or non-overlap in either readme...
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