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  1. It wasn't read aloud in my case. Teth just teleported me off with an item in my pocket. Then Ajantis reacted before I could get to my inventory. At the time, I figured Ajantis wasn't supposed to say anything about it until later on (because I hadn't perceived any big reveal). XD Maybe I hit "enter" twice or something.
  2. Scratch that. Looks like I got a scroll. But way to spoil it. XD
  3. Largely unrelated glitch -- Ajantis got excited about me being Bhaalspawn as soon as Teth teleported me to the secret room. But I don't know that I'm Bhaalspawn yet. So.... O_O
  4. Once Coran enters into one of the "bored" paths, is there any way to snap him out of it or otherwise salvage things? (He's at the penultimate lovetalk.) For example, can I start the Briel subquest (I'm not really sure where in Baldur's Gate she is...) and de-derail him? Assuming not, are any other romances perma-bann'd given that I got as far as that with Coran? I was forced to stop Ajantis earlier, but...
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