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  1. I completed the game without troubles (well, I used Ease of Use for the battlechamber, but I did get past the Dragon's Eye). IIRC, some ancient versions of the mod broke some cutscenes, which might be what you're experiencing.

  2. If I hear patching the Worldmap I run screaming, especially since I am talking about BG1 compatibility?

    Fields of the Dead adds a new worldmap area to BG1, so it can be done. I don't know if Echon already has coverted that section from overwriting to patching (and can thus provide you with patch-rific code). For BG2, your best bet is asking for advice on SHS - many mods there add new WMap areas, and might even provide you with compatibility code for the Worldmap mod.

  3. Personally, I'd add a separate Xvart fortress near the farmer by patching the world map (I don't know if there's a formal tutorial anywhere, but some mods do add WMAP areas, so it shouldn't be too hard to borrow code). Xvarts would have to travel like 3 days to go from their village to the farm and back, and I suppose they aren't going to raid that particular farm as regularly as the dialogue implies.

  4. A minor point I forgot to bring up before: a lot of people turn Minsc into a Fighter (or Berzerker/Barbarian) via L1NPC. As such, it'd be nice if his gift belt (b!mifg.itm) were usable by Fighters as well as by Rangers.

  5. I'm Good and use Multiple Strongholds, so I don't know if/how reliable the HMA creation is. Perhaps you could move his Gavin-related dialogue to Dawnmaster Kreel? DK will always be there, unless you do Talos' quests and exterminate Lathander's clergy - in which case Gavin should leave the party and attack you (if he already doesn't).

  6. Also: Miranda and Lanie play a part in Rahul Kanakia's Potion Quest from Ding0's Quest Pack. This precludes one of the possible quest resolutions in that mod but doesn't cause dialogue errors. It's not exactly possible to rework either mod for mutual compatibility, and I don't know if it's significant enough to warrant being mentioned in the readme.

    Turns out I recall wrongly, that quest puts the mother&son in the Bridge district, and thus there's no compatibility problem.


    After rescuing Gavin's vampirized body in CH6, High Dawnmaster Arval should give his opinion on whether or not you should attempt to raise him (like HDA does if Gavin meets a 'normal' death).



    Web site problem: in the NPCs drop down menu, Gavin for BG2 is available from the website proper and from the various mod pages, but not from the forum.

  7. Holy working code

    I thought you knew me - if I post code and don't say otherwise, I pulled it out of my backside without trying to compile it, to say nothing of testing it.

    (OTOH, given the size of that snippet it's safe to assume that it will require nothing more than punctual fixes to actually work)

  8. Adapted from SCSII:


       // If I'm already casting another spell, don't interrupt that
       // redundant vs. other Invisibility checks:
       // ensure that Gavin will not go to CHARNAME if he's a screen away
       // various forms of Invisibility
       // SCSII uses SPELLFAILUREMAGE for priests
       // I include them both to be 110% sure of it
       RESPONSE #100

  9. Yeah, gotta put a See(Player1) in both BG1 and BG2

    I don't think a See() is enough to handle improved invisibility; use See() and !StateCheck(Player1,STATE_IMPROVEDINVISIBILITY).


    He's got an area comment, IIRC. I seem to remember looking into giving him a Pai'Na I_C_T reaction, but wound up scrapping it because it was mucking up Quest Pack stuff. I'll have to check my notes on that one. Never even thought of the spider figurine. Good idea!

    It didn't fire for me, for some reason. Probably I left the area too quickly.

  10. (For all of these, I don't know if they were fixed/addressed between V10 and V16).


    If CHARNAME is improved invisible and under 50% health, Gavin is stuck attempting to heal her and failing over and over because of her invisibility. This might also extend to the BG1 portion of the mod.


    Gavin should react in some way to Pai'Na and/or the Spider figurine.

  11. Personally, I'm not a fan of "for some reason, it's physically impossible for a fighter to grind herbs" (and one of the recipes is for an explosive).. not that this'd be an actual issue for most parties.


    PS: this is the INTERWEBS, so somebody is bound to hate everything :suspect:


    Also: Miranda and Lanie play a part in Rahul Kanakia's Potion Quest from Ding0's Quest Pack. This precludes one of the possible quest resolutions in that mod but doesn't cause dialogue errors. It's not exactly possible to rework either mod for mutual compatibility, and I don't know if it's significant enough to warrant being mentioned in the readme.

  12. It's unusable by Gavin for me - I think the cause is a compatibility issue with Refinements :suspect: . The easiest fix would be to remove the Undead Hunter unusability from b!mortar.itm. IMHO you should actually remove all class/kit unusabilities, since it doesn't make a lot of sense that a Fighter->Mage can use the Mortar but a Kensai->Mage cannot, or that an Assassin (being a Thief) cannot learn how to brew poisons.


    You could talk to LastSummonerOf() to talk specifically to the guy with the mortar (not that it actually matters, since there's no checks on Intelligence or whatnot).


    I don't have suggestions about the other issues, unfortunately.

  13. When performing herbalism, it'd be nice if you could craft more than one potion at a time - that is, have all transitions in b!mortar.d (except the quitting one) GOTO m1 rather than EXIT.



    Not sure about V10 vs V16 about the following things:

    Gavin should have an option in the PID to provide some advice about herbalism.


    Gavin (and other clerics) should be able to perform herbalism himself.


    The Mortar is a scroll and can be put in Scroll Cases.


    Purebalm is unidentified, Snakebite is identified when crafted.

  14. arA002 was just a random area other than the one I was in (to avoid having Gavin fire his P dialogue and potentially mess up the romance). CI is still 0602 (and, in fact, the DestroySelf() did fire).


    It is possible to have the BG1 and BG2 romances use different variables while keeping the same DV for Gavin (simply have his BG2 dialogues fire using different variables), but too complicated scripts and PID is reason enough to avoid merging the DV.

  15. 190-ish of b!gift.d:


    ~You're quite the snappy dresser, miss, and I have just the thing to set your outfit off. This little component pouch came all the way from Halruua. It's bigger on the inside thn it is on the outside, though, and it will let you memorize loads of extra spells.~

    Should be than.


    (still there in V16)

  16. Oh, crud. I thought I had a workaround for that. I put something in his script that would destroy his CRE if AreaCheck("AR0602"). That doesn't seem to have worked as intended. The best compromise I can come up with is to use the BG2 transition variable instead (I'll look it up in), have him do a LeaveParty() and DestroySelf() if that variable comes back as true.

    If it's in b!getting_rid_of_gavin.baf, my guess is that you're missing the LeaveParty() - that might be the cause of the problem :suspect:

    (NB: I'm running V10, but the script is unchanged in V16)


    This is something that I've been agonizing over forever. I wanted players to have customization options, but I wasn't happy that the Tome of Wisdom would be wasted. Maybe the best solution is to leave things as they are and try to find some workaround that doesn't break the fourth wall too badly.

    I was using the ToW as an example of thing that didn't get carried over. NPCs like Minsc or Edwin solve the issue by having both the BG1 and the BG2 creature have the same death variable, meaning that you can use MoveGlobal() to have the 'old' Gavin move to his starting BG2 area (rather than creating a new one). I'm sure that if you ask over at the BGT fora they should be able to give you more specific tips.

    Of course, changing death variable would require a rewrite of non-trivial portions of the scripts, so I'll understand if you don't want to do it (or want to ask Lollorian to do it) :)

  17. Bunch of stuff regarding the BG1 -> SoA transition in BGT. Since I'm not familiar with how the latter works I can't provide solutions, and you might have to ask for help in their forum if you wish to fix these things.


    1) The BG1 and SoA sections of the mod separate downloads.

    2) Gavin didn't leave the party during the transition; instead, in the .gam file he was transferred to no_area.are and had its selected / not selected field set to Dead (I couldn't kick him from the party or take party required transitions in Chateau Irenicus, and I had to turn him to Selected and ARA002.ARE via NI and then kick him in-game).

    3) He is using two different death variables in BG1 and SoA, meaning that if you had him use the Tome of Wisdom or whatnot it'll be wasted once you transition to SoA (recurring characters like Minsc or Edwin use the same DV to insure that BG1 development will carry over to SoA).

    4) The SoA creature file is specialized in War Hammers - Clerics can't specialize (also, it's almost a wasted proficiency slot, since he doesn't benefit from the increased attacks per round).

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