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  1. 21 hours ago, subtledoctor said:

    I'm pretty sure this has already been discovered, and acknowledged by Davidw over in the SCS forum.

    OK, then I'm a dum-dum, because I was convinced that I read DavidW saying something along the lines of "acknowledge and fixed" when I searched for it... Whoops.


    2 hours ago, subtledoctor said:

    Also, don't mean to be a salesman, but you could try my alternative NPC customization mod. My understanding is that the features have converged since it was created, the main difference is that SCS scripts the customization to happen automatically, while my mod doesn't change them unless you trigger it in-game with an item.

    Groovy, will try that.

  2. Hi all,

    sorry for creating a bug report against old versions of mods (and not having the *.debug files); also, this should probably be cross-posted to Stratagems forums, but I'm unsure about the cross-posting etiquette.


    I noticed that my Archer wasn't getting the bonus damage/thac0 and started looking at the 2da.

    Component 2090 of Tweak Anthology (Remove Experience Cap) extends clabrn02.2da from level 41 to level 50 (but doesn't appear to extend properly the ABILITY1 line).

    Component 2440 of Tweak Anthology (Everyone Gets Bonus APR from Specialization) appends one ABILITY (not ABILITY7) line to CLABRN02.2da (to apply D5_NUMAT); however this line doesn't extend all the way to level 50 (only to level 40).

    Component 4100 of Stratatagems (Improved NPC customisation and management) doesn't read properly the 2da, and removes the abilities applied in the two messed-up lines.


    I've attached all versions of clabrn02.2da (as per --change-log) and the weidu.log.

    Mod/game Versions:

    • BG/BG2 V2.6.6.0 (with EET V13.4)
    • Tweak Anthology V 12
    • Stratagems 34.3

    Mods affecting CLABRN02.2DA:
    00000: /* created or unbiffed */ ~CDTWEAKS/SETUP-CDTWEAKS.TP2~ 0 2090 // Change Experience Point Cap -> Remove Experience Cap v9
    00001:  ~CDTWEAKS/SETUP-CDTWEAKS.TP2~ 0 2440 // Everyone Gets Bonus APR from Specialization v9
    00002:  ~STRATAGEMS/SETUP-STRATAGEMS.TP2~ 0 4100 // Improved NPC customisation and management 33.6

    Edit after experimenting:

    • the latest versions of Tweak Anthology and Stratagems also mess up clabrn02.2da
    • CdTweaks 2090 and Stratagems 4100 also mess up clabrn02.da
    • CdTweaks 2440 and Stratagems 4100 do not mess up clabrn02.da


    WeiDU.log WeiDU-BGEE.log CLABRN02.00001.2DA CLABRN02.00002.2DA CLABRN02.override.2da CLABRN02.00000.2DA



  3. Should we even be surprised anymore? It's been two years since he's started saying that he's moving away from the current host "any time soon" because it goes down every now and then, with no signs of ever actually moving to the reliable server (and almost one year since he introduced a paywall to purposely pay for the server).

  4. However, as I said, the current definition of FL_INN is pretty much any area where you can probably rent a bed, except ar2100. But the exact definition doesn't really matter to me (I only need something that can be expressed in a single sentence with a minimum of ambiguity), so if anyone needs something more well-defined (e.g. only proper inns in populated towns) now is the time to speak up.

    Since it's a bitfield, you can simply combine simple definitions into more complex ones if you're that much willing to make it hard for people to get the right dialogues for your mod:







  5. see readme well, until it is compiled and uploaded see this:

    or & \DEFINE{ADD!AREA!TYPE} areaTypeName &

    Adds a new (guaranteed-unique) area type to areatype.ids, and sets

    the areaTypeName variable to the index of the bit the type is associated

    with: the type can be set with

    \verb+WRITE_SHORT 0x48 THIS | (1 << areaTypeName)+.




    If areatype.ids already contains areaTypeName, the variable is set to

    the type's current identifier and no other operation is performed.




    Also note that only 8 area types can be added to an unmodded installation

    of BG2; as such, don't add a new area type type unless you really need it

    (most likely, another modder is already using a type with a similar name,

    and you can share the type between your mods without issue).

  6. WeiDU alters AREATYPE (short at 0x48 in ARE files). AREAFLAG (long at 0x14 in ARE files) cannot be checked against by triggers, making altering it moot for the purposes of scripting.


    Of course, NI and the IESDP use inconsistent naming vs. what the IDS files are called (0x48, areatype.ids, is called 'location' in Near Infinity and 'area flags' in IESDP, while 0x14, areaflag.ids, is called 'area type' in Near Infinity and 'area flag' in IESDP), so it's easier than usual to confuse things.

  7. So, make up one! The game might have space for an additional 8 area flags (unless ARE 0x48 is handled as byte, in which case no space is free for area flags).


     OUTER_SET value = BIT8 // should actually be code to figure out "first unallocated power of two in areaflag.ids"
     APPEND ~areaflag.ids~ ~%value% CD_INN~
    COPY_EXISTING ~area1.are~ ~override~
     ~area2.are~ ~override~
    WRITE_SHORT 0x48 THIS | value
    <in some dialogue file>
    CHAIN IF ~AreaType(CD_INN) IsAvailableForPartyDialog("Edwin")~ THEN BMINSC innComment
    ~We are in an inn! We should look for some nuts for Boo!~
    == BEDWIN ~I prefer to look for whores.~

  8. At least one prisoner is what I thought, too. Evil ittle devils! I am not sure about a relative to Hulrik, though, since he seems more worried about his cow.

    You could play that as a joke. IIRC, there's even precedent for that sort of thing in BG1, but I can't recall any example.

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