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  1. 69-ish of gavin/flirts/gavinflirts.d has

    IF ~Global("B!GavinRomanceActive","GLOBAL",1) GlobalGT("B!GavinLovetalk","GLOBAL",23) GlobalLT("B!GavinLovetalk","GLOBAL",34) RandomNum(7,4)~ THEN GOTO BGavinFlirtLate3
    IF ~Global("B!GavinRomanceActive","GLOBAL",1) GlobalGT("B!GavinLovetalk","GLOBAL",23) GlobalLT("B!GavinLovetalk","GLOBAL",34) RandomNum(7,[color="#FF0000"]6[/color])~ THEN GOTO BGavinFlirtLate4
    IF ~Global("B!GavinRomanceActive","GLOBAL",1) GlobalGT("B!GavinLovetalk","GLOBAL",23) GlobalLT("B!GavinLovetalk","GLOBAL",34) RandomNum(7,6)~ THEN GOTO BGavinFlirtLate5

    The red 6 must be a 5 instead, otherwise you'd run into a No Valid Replies or Links.

  2. Like what I did with WeiDU, I'm now managing the source code for widescreen via git (the stable code is available via usual HTTP, whereas development code will be available via git), so git is the preferred method of contributing code. The repository is git://github.com/Gibberlings3/widescreen.git (Web Interface).


    Using git with a graphical user interface is probably easier: see this article.


    Using git with cygwin (instructions can be adapted for OSX and Linux users pretty easily):

    This is how Taimon suggests to work:


    Just for the record, here is what I did for to get started:


    * `cd widescreen'

    * `git clone git://github.com/Gibberlings3/widescreen.git'

    * log into github and fork the main project

    * `git remote add mypub git@github.com:<username>/widescreen.git'


    And these were the steps for the changes:


    * `cd widescreen'

    * `git pull' for syncing the local repos with upstream (runs git fetch + git merge)

    * edit the files (they're in c::\cygwin\home\<username>\widescreen if you follow these instructions)

    * `git commit -a'

    * `git push mypub' for pushing the changes to my public repos on github


    Not mentioned here: install cygwin; when you get to select packages, choose the 'full' system and install the git and ssh packages. Run cygwin, run these commands:


    mkdir widescreen
    cd widescreen
    git init
    git config add user.name "Your full name"
    git config add user.email "a valid email address"
    ssh-keygen <and follow the instructions>


    register to github; when it asks for the public key, it's in c:\cygwin\home\<username>\.ssh\id_rsa.pub by default.

  3. @the_bigg: Thats messed up. I guess its just another quirk of the engine. Could it have something to do with timing methods on the xp penalty effect? I'll see if I can poke around a little with the timing to see if I can get it to behave before giving Maze immunity to the kit.

    Dunno. Keep in mind that a number of effects is unapplied during Maze (you lose your state icons and your weapon proficiencies, for example), so it's possible that there's no timing mode that will keep it. If not, retcon something about Minotaur ancestry in the kit description :D

  4. I've already been called a female before in an insulting context (by allirPM himself), so it's not a new thing if that was what you were hoping for.


    And if you believe that STFW is an unappropriate answer, then <insert charade of quasi-insults>.

  5. Yes, I run at the native screen resolution. True, I have troubles reading the dialogue if I'm at more than 1 meter of distance or troubles discerning similar characters (E.G. a 6 and a 5 in item counts), but that doesn't cause me problems playing.

  6. Can i play with a 19' or 22' TFT with 640x480 with just the usual loss of quality? (without this mod, obviously)

    Of course you can - all the mod does is to allow you to select previously unavailable resolutions. If 640x480 is good enough for you, then you don't need WSM.


    OTOH, if your characters at 1024x768 on a 22'' look too small, I'd suggest you to consult with an oculist - I can play either 1024x768 on a 13.3'' or 1680x1050 on a 20'' without difficulty, and I wear strong glasses (-4.5 dioptries on both eyes).

  7. If you have an NVidia graphics card, see this thread.


    BG1 and PST require a full install. For instructions on performing a full install on PST, see http://www.bootstrike.com/Torment/Online/tti1.html.


    If you have Vista, disable UAC before installing WSM. See this thread for more info.


    All the games require the latest game patch; the exception is Torment, which allows you to play either the patched 4CD version and the (already patched) 2CD version. Throne of Bhaal requires the 'official' 26498 patch and is not compatible with the 'beta' 26499. It is possible that a game crack will not be compatible with this mod.


    If you get the message "EXE patching failed", then it means that either you're using an unsupported/cracked version of the game executable, or you installed accidentally the WSM twice. Try fully uninstalling your game and reinstalling from the CDs, then applying the proper patches (see the point above). If that fails, report your game version.


    In particular, WSM must be uninstalled on the 'base' BG2 installation when you install Tutu/Easytutu, or create multiple installs of any game.


    If you get the message "ERROR: BIFF [./AR0100.BIF] cannot be loaded" (or something similar), you need to apply a full install of the game.


    BG1 and PST do not require a new save game anymore; however, if you change save game resolution, all your visited areas will become fully unexplored. If you plan to play a game at multiple resolutions, Widescreen allows you to save your games at a common resolution, independent of the game resolution.


    An additional problem in PST and TotSC is that, due to a complex area enlargment system under the hood, on smaller areas (mostly the "Ambush" ones) the East and South "travel to Worldmap" triggers do not work. If this makes it impossible to leave any area, contact me detailing the resolution you're running and the area that gives you troubles. Isayia has tested all of TotSC at 1280x1024 at least.


    Not all the GUIs are ported in the optimal way to the larger resolution. The main GUI (where you choose "Start Game", "Options",...) as well all various screens ("Load", "Mage Spells"...) are centered, with a black cover (SoA, HoW, ToB, IWD2) or forced to the upper left (PST, TotSC). The main game GUI (where you can move your characters, attack people etc.) is stretched properly, enlarging even the dialogue screen (SoA, ToB, HoW) or might display black bars (PST, IWD2, TotSC).


    Nicer GUIs for BG1 and PST are available via an external mod (to be install in both cases after Widescreen).


    If neither of these applies to your problem, feel free to open a topic to report your problem. Be advised that, in the event that you're asking a question already answered here, your question will be unanswered.

  8. Version bump. 0.7 has no new player feature, but it has a kill switch to stop the flow of "OMG PST CRASHES!!!!11" reports. If you feel like hacking WED files using WeiDU, have a look at widescreen/libsmall/patch_{are,wed,bmp,tis}.tpa and try to enter smaller areas in BG1 and/or PST without crashing.

  9. Yes, menus will be the same area in pixels, and appear smaller, whereas the game area's pixel dimension will be expanded. For an example, see the screenshots in PST.


    BG2 will be treated much more nicely (expanded dialogue box area, no black boxes), but the PST screenshot should be somewhat clear.


    Since you'll be playing at your monitor's native resolutions, pictures will also be sharper (since you won't have your picture distorted to fit your screen).

  10. GemRB -> no, because GemRB.exe uses different offsets than bgmain.exe

    DLTC: without testing, it's hard to tell. However, if your CHU files look similar enough they should still work.


    Of course, since the former isn't released and doesn't require an hack, and the latter is likely RIP, there isn't much danger :)

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