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  1. It is unlikely that this mod is incompatible with any other mod. However, it doesn't currently work on all variants of the engine. The success/failure matrix is available on the mod page.


    Please report any incompatibilities you find, and/or your success with a different version of the game executable.

  2. This mod expands the number of resolutions available to Baldur's Gate 2: Throne of Bhaal, allowing you to play at pretty much any resolution in the spectrum.


    The current build is an open beta. notable restrictions are:

    - the Y axis must be greater or equal than 600.

    - The X axis must be strictly greater than 800 and different from 1280.

    - The mod might work or not on SoA, or on different versions of the game (it's only tested on Italian/European 26798 ToB). Testing is required.

    - The mod requires a beta version of WeiDU (attached). Please install as first mod and do not use it in a stack operation.

  3. Does Weidu Mac offer the same functionality? The mac version usually follows the PC updates.

    Yes, all versions of WeiDU are compiled from the same source code (well, unless devSin has some diffs that haven't been merged in).


    cmorgan: you don't need to COPY EVAL_BUFFER when you're compiling a BAF, COMPILE EVAL_BUFFER works both for BAF and D.

    After checking the source, I found out that you can put arbitrary patches after an EXTEND_*, so you can use

    EXTEND_TOP ~something.bcs~ ~my/mod/something.baf~

    as opposed to

    EXTEND_TOP EVALUATE_BUFFER ~something.bcs~ ~my/mod/something.baf~

  4. You always can ask people who have already done this conversion instead of *reinventing the wheel*.

    Fred is writing adapting a program to port IWD1 automatically to a third edition game.

    You ported manually IWD1 to an other second edition game (and let's not start again the piracy argument; after all, you're the same person who ships the BG2 crack along with your version of Baldurdash).


    I fail to see how your help would be of any value.

  5. No, it's your english that is wrong (or the quality of the translation you received).

    The manual says 'Evil clerics can turn in paladins' (as in, turn in undead), not into paladins (which whould translate into "morph into Paladins")

  6. A quick note: to copy wav or tis files to the override, you should probably use COPY_LARGE (which is slightly faster and won't choke on TIZ files that are > 16 Mb), rather than usual COPY.


    EDIT: also, for the sake of Linux-porting, you should run the .bat file if WEIDU_OS STRING_COMPARE_CASE ~WIN32~ = 0, since Linux would use the same .sh file and has x86 as WEIDU_ARCH as well.

  7. I agree with that... What I would actually *loved* to see on Nalia is the ability to determine which class is her first and which is her second, ie to be able to grow her as a thief if she loses her Castle and grow her as a mage if she keeps it.

    Wasn't there a mod, by the name of IceWind Gate, which did this? :)

  8. About the attacks per round: the engine will give you the bonuses for level / specialization only if you are a Fighter/Ranger/Paladin/Barbarian, so tough chance. You can always increase the Attacks per Round with spells.


    If you want to forbid armour only, try to add the shapeshifer's flag to your kit item restrictions.


    EDIT: CamDawg was faster, I removed all redundant information.

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