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  1. Yeah, those are definitely all good options, except that I'm not sure if Domi is still around at all. I think she has an open crossmod policy, though. Absolutely! Though right now I don't seem capable of even writing messages here without serious delays, so it'd be best to wait at least a couple of weeks.
  2. Oh, I am around. Just... not very around, haha. Now I can try to focus on getting a new project finished before 2024. I'm not sure how the feed works, though. Of course! I'd have liked to write more of it, but I didn't want to sit on what I did have for another six months. Actually, if you or anyone else wants crossmod with a specific character, let me know.
  3. Heads up that a new version has been uploaded which should correct the problem with some of the epilogues. Crossmod has also been added for Adrian, Isra, and Xan.
  4. The problem is that you're setting a LOCALS variable in your kick-out dialogue, and checking for a GLOBAL variable in the rejoining one.
  5. I did promise you a longer response when I got back! I'm not sure when I'd get around to doing a substantial update here, since I've got multiple other projects I'm working on, and I would want to translate the whole thing first anyway, but I think anything more in the way of exposition would have to take the form of PID. I'm open to suggestions on that front, but don't hold your breath on it getting done anytime soon. Quick question here: did she not respond at all to the illusion in the Windspear Hills, or are you just saying you'd have preferred her to realize that something was up? Because unless the interjections are broken, she's irritated and intrigued about not being able to detect those illusions. (I think they're dragon illusions anyway, and Adalon is way out of her league too, so not picking up on it makes sense as well.) Regarding the elven language issue, that word is specific to the Dragonlance elven languages, so a PC wouldn't know it. (I think it only happens once? I don't remember using the language in any other context.) I thought I had made that explicit, but looking back, I guess it's a bit unclear if you're not familiar with the setting, so I will fix that. Eventually. Hahaha, thank you. No, I don't have much in the way of acting experience, but I'm a bit of a mimic so tried to use the pseudo-accent I'd picked up in London with Isra. Evandra is closer to my actual voice, which made it easier to voice her. (Unfortunately, I wouldn't be able to voice a third, since I don't have another accent sitting around, haha.) Yeah, this I will probably do if and when I expand more fully. I'd originally implemented the quest, but it was on the farfetched side so I removed it. I put it back in after Jemapa's comments, since I thought the character development was worth a bit of suspension of disbelief, but yeah. I will need to see if it cannot be refined a bit more. I know nothing about the Longer Road, but Xulaye is definitely a possibility. And would be very fun. And of course Xan.
  6. Psionica: No, there's currently no crossmod, though I need to get around to working on that once I get home. Isewein: I'm going to wait till I have a keyboard to respond to you in more depth (Thursday, though possibly Wednesday if I'm not horrifically jetlagged), but yeah, I agree that Xan crossmod is obligatory. That's why I haven't released what little crossmod I have managed to write yet. You're welcome to send me your notes, if you'd like.
  7. Haha, he was a lot easier to write banters for, at the very least! You can get a lot of mileage out of a character who indiscriminately hates everyone.
  8. Not at the moment. I've actually written some, but I was hoping to get crossmod done for other mods as well before publishing it. I'll need to put some real effort into getting that done once I get home in June.
  9. Yeah, right now she doesn't, since like you said, there's no committed romance yet, and honestly, she can't fault anyone else for bad taste. It's a very appropriate place for a comment, though, so I'll need to consider it for the next update (whenever that ends up happening).
  10. Thank you for your comments! To answer your questions about NPC interactions, none of them are disabled during the romance, so you should have theoretically been able to see them all, if the engine was cooperating. As for Neera commenting on the red robes... I think Neera is clever enough to know that they don't always mean Thay, but there's another NPC who isn't. And yeah, you want Nalia for a discussion about the differences between magic in the two worlds. I will need to consider more EE specific comment for the Red Wizards. She's an isolationist, but does find Thay pretty interesting. Or at least she does when it's just Edwin around. With Neera's whole quest line, she may be more troubled by Thay.
  11. Yeah, it looks like there's a wrong variable there somewhere. I'm out of the country until June with no PC, but I'll take a look when I get back. Thank you!
  12. Oof, sorry! You didn't need to go all the way back through the Bodhi fight again, unless you didn't have a later save. But as long as it's working again, that's all the matters. I'm glad you're enjoying it! I wasn't sure how much of an audience something this niche would have, since I don't think Dragonlance is all that popular anymore, but I was always a fan and it was something I really wanted to see in the game. (Though I'm not sure if it's a tribute or a critique, haha.)
  13. Thank you! Have you tried to save the game after summoning her at the Statue of Amaunator, and then reloading? I didn't realize that this was an actual bug and not some strange quirk, because I hadn't noticed her not disappearing at the Graveyard and reloading in the temple always made the problem go away. There is a missing script, though. I'll update the mod with a fix, but I don't think you need to do more than reload after summoning her to solve the problem on your end.
  14. Is it crashing to the desktop or is it just the dialog that gets cut off? I suspect the problem here has something to do with your installation, given the issues you had installing in the first place. Did you ever try deleting BG2EE and reinstalling it completely? You'll almost certainly need to start a new game if you do that, but I think whatever is going on here is bigger than the mod itself.
  15. That's very strange. You get through the whole dialog and then it crashes? The variable you need is: C:SetGlobal("rh#EvaViconia5","GLOBAL",1)
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