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  1. Have the exact same error, on a conservative Big World install. No other components gave any errors, thats a weird one.
  2. I did not expect stuff to go wrong using the latest 2.5 beta because its a release candidate already deployed on some platforms and it shouldnt change at all before it hits PC. But yeah - ran into this install issue. Provided area fix on page one fixed it (mid install + retry) thank you very much for that. As for SOD 2.5 itself not being perfectly stable yet, well, it might not be - but its playable enough. Friend of mine just blew through it, admittedly not EET but hey. Im pretty sure some tweaks will be needed on modders' end post 2.5 tweaks cause the current 2.5 beta is going to go live pretty much as-is. What else is new, though?
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