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  1. I'd rather want moderator action on you for constantly egging on drama. Just take it easy.
  2. this place is kinda weird
  3. Well now that my innocence is cleared, I want to say that I harbor no ill will against her and I think many here are willing to forgive. She seemed to be a valued member of this community and I for one hope she can return with newfound honesty.
  4. Hi, uh, I joined fairly recently just for asking questions and I'd like to clarify I'm not an alt. This is a really disappointing turn of events. I just wanted to play mods?
  5. This all sounds really cool. Now maybe there can be an explanation for Tamoko's death in BG2 even if you spare her in the prequel.
  6. Hi, I'm using Big World to install some mods for Icewind Dale Enhanced Edition and I'm getting this error when I try to install the component "Loosen Item Restrictions for Multi- and Dual-class Clerics" Installing [Loosen Equipment Restrictions for Cleric Multi-Classes] [v4] Copying and patching 2059 files ... Copying and patching 1 file ... ERROR: Cannot find 8 rows with at least 10 columns.ERROR: [clasweap.2da] -> [override] Patching Failed (COPY) (Failure("Cannot Read 2DA Entry")) Stopping installation because of error. ERROR Installing [Loosen Equipment Restrictions for Cleric M
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