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  1. When i want to install Ascension with EET i get this error everytime (Improved Slayer Transformation component fails to install): #ERROR: illegal 4-byte read from offset -1 of 782-byte file player1.dlg #ERROR: [player1.dlg] -> [override] Patching Failed (COPY) (Failure("player1.dlg: read out of bounds")) #Stopping installation because of error. #Stopping installation because of error. #Stopping installation because of error. #Stopping installation because of error. #ERROR Installing [Ulepszona przemiana w Zabójcę], rolling back to previous state #Will uninstall 6 files for [ASCENSION/ASCENSION.TP2] component 50. #Uninstalled 6 files for [ASCENSION/ASCENSION.TP2] component 50. #ERROR: Failure("player1.dlg: read out of bounds") #Please make a backup of the file: SETUP-ASCENSION.DEBUG and look for support at: https://www.gibberlings3.net/forums/forum/207-ascension/ #Automatically Skipping [Ulepszona przemiana w Zabójcę] because of error. #Using Language [Polski jezyk (Przetlumaczony przez Damian Staniszewski)] #[.\lang\pl_pl\dialog.tlk] created, 302826 string entries #[.\lang\pl_pl\dialogf.tlk] created, 302826 string entries #NOT INSTALLED DUE TO ERRORS Ulepszona przemiana w Zabójcę # #WARNING: Ascension : 50 has encounter errors durring installation, exited with ExitCode = 2 #WARNING: unpausing installation will continue from next component. After unpausing installation goes on.
  2. Is there any way to install those mods for EET using Project Infinity? Does anyone have those EET patches?
  3. I'm waiting 3 years for EET compability, so i'm interested. But i would prefer that you woundn't make any changes to Pecca mod. No offence, but i don't like your inventory screen. If you really have to change it, then at least leave option to choose Pecca's one.
  4. Thanks for answer. Is there any manual how to install EET using PI?
  5. I didn't try yet, because i'm waiting for patch 2.6, but is it possible to install EET by Project Infinity? Or do we have to wait for official support? BTW, are then any plans for EET to be officially released?
  6. What with this fog bug? Was it fixed? Does it still prevent official release?
  7. How looks like situation with EET now, when patch 2.5 was released? Did fog bug was fixed? When will be official release? Is K4thos still with us? I haven't checked this mod for over 1 year.
  8. Two things: 1) What about weapons and armors icons? They are mixed in current state. Some of them have BG1 icons, but others BG2? Will it remain like that? 2) Journal popups show for 16s, not for 6s like in default BG. It's a bit too long. In Friendly Arm Inn when i had 5 of them in row, they were showing for almost 1.30 min. Do you plan to change it?
  9. Is it possible to create patches for those 2 mods? TeamBG's Armor Pack: http://www.baldursgatemods.com/forums/index.php?topic=7806.0 TeamBG's Weapon Pack: http://www.baldursgatemods.com/forums/index.php?topic=7868.0
  10. User experience will be the same as installing BGT. You will give the path to BG1EE and BG2EE folders, and it will only let you select mods that are EET compatible, and it will do all of the patching and installing for you. This is already working in BWS, just hidden by a single $HideEET = 1 line in Includes\MiscGUI.au3. The remaining problem is that K4thos' EET patches and the BiG World Fixpack contain partially overlapping fixes and BWS currently applies both, which results in some patches being lost. Once I finish merging, BWS will only use the Fixpack. Ok, but i never installed BGT. So i guess, first i install mods at BG:SoD using BWS, then manually install EET and then install mods at BG2/EET using BWS, right?
  11. Thanks for your hard work! I'm waiting impatiently for EET support in BWS. Is it possible for you to write somewhere how to install EET and mods using BWS?
  12. Those icons looks much better, than that atrocious green ones. They should be long time ago included into SCS main file. But will be this mod finished one day? I know after 4 years it's rhetorical question, but still. It miss composite long bow, mace, scimitar, two-handed sword, flail, and spear icons. Also, why katana doesn't have "excellent" version? And why excellent short sword icon is smaller? Also scimitar +1 has unique icon in nonmoded baldur, don't know why it was replaced by normal one in SCS (now you can't tell which one is normal and which one magical).
  13. Thanks for next RC. I also think it would be better to wait for patch 2.5 before releasing EET 1.0, but like Blash2 said, it may take some time (patch 2.0 took Beamdog 1,5 year). Is it at least possible to inform Pecca and Mr2150 about it polished status, so maybe i near future we would have DragonspearUI++ with EET support? In my opinion this mod and BWS support it's all we need for smooth and comfortable EET run.
  14. Does it mean we are ready for EET 1.0 release? Or do you want to wait for fog bug solution?
  15. On my laptop (Windows 7, Intel core i7, 6GB RAM) installation took 32 minutes (both basic install and later ending one). In previous versions it was more or less 50 minutes. I had to disable Avast, cause it doesn't like new weidu version and constantly blocks it.
  16. When it's done Easy, i'm not pushing K4thos, just wanted to know what remains to be done, since he said RC6 it's propably last release candidate.
  17. Same. Also the chapter screen is missing.
  18. You forgot about Eve or War and a Journey's End from elminster. But for this set of mods we will have to wait at least 2 years in my opinion. I'm waiting at least for Pecca UI and bugless EET .
  19. I asked about it before. That's K4thos answer: The introduction movie and whole SoD prologue does good enough job from continuity perspective to me. If you want more plot there I'd suggest letting Beamdog devs know about your idea. If it will be implemented officially than it will be also available in EET. You could also ask elminster if he is planning for something like this in Eve of War mod. Adding content like this would be an interpretation on our part and things like that should be left for external mods, imo. It would also create potential compatibility problems for mods that affects BG1 end content. I don't see a point to be honest.
  20. You are right, i forgot ><. I will reinstall BG2 and try again. EDIT: I reinstalled BG2 and deleted BG2 folder from My documents and now i can't install BG2EE_PL mod O_o. BGEE.LUA not found in chitin.key. I attach debug file: http://speedy.sh/P3Q53/SETUP-BG2EE-PL.DEBUG
  21. BG2EE_PL mod works fine. Unfortunately translation is still messed up in the same way as previously. Also at the beginning of the game i have this screen (i didn't have it last time). I guess i should be abe to to chose game from it:
  22. I suspect the reason for this is the "weidu.conf" file. Open it up and check if it shows en_us instead of pl_pl. If yes than english TLK file was used instead of polish one during installation. If this is the case than the exact same thing would happen with any other mod. In other words you didn't install the polish translation correctly. But fear not, I've just updated the localization mod, so you no longer need to change anything manually to add Polish language to BG2:EE. Newest TLK files are also included: http://www.share-online.biz/dl/62DOH1BOIJIH So now i instead of this method described by TartamPuan i just install your BG2EE_PL.rar and then EET.RC2 and translation should be fine? I will try it tomorrow and let you know.
  23. thanks for report, found the problem. It will be fixed later today with RC2 release. Although the log shows that the installer was trying to install EET using en_US TLK files. BG2:EE doesn't support Polish language officially yet, but installer checks TLK files presence anyway. Did you have dialog.tlk file in lang/pl_PL/ directory when you started the installation? (It's distributed on Beamdog forums). Btw. later today I will also update this mod to properly show Polish language from the options screen (patch 2.x force us to also patch BG:EE LUA to add new language and the mod was released for patch 1.3). Unfortunately viader is missing in action, so the mirror linked in this topic won't be updated for some time. The only way to install polish text and dubbing in BG2:EE is described by TartamPuan in this topic: https://forums.beamdog.com/discussion/23812/bg2-ee-kwestia-wersji-polskiej-oraz-jej-instalacja/p21 I wanted to do it later, since i didn't know this won't prevent EET installation. Now i first installed translation by this method and then started EET installation, which this time finished ("due to errors"). EDIT: Just launched the game and translation is completly broken. UI is in english, first movie (Zbudowana na szczycie skał....) has no sound, NPCs have randomly no voices, english voices or polish voices and most entries and dialogues has "Invalid value":
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