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Romantic Encounters (BG) v8.1

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About This File

The Baldur's Gate version of the popular Romantic Encounters mod, adding several encounters and quests all over the game. BG1RE aims at populating the game with romantic encounters, intense dialogues, unexpected private dinners, romantic traces of long lost times, and real quests that all deal with true love, fulfilled or unfulfilled.

The mod is compatible with BG w/TotSC, Tutu, BGT, BGEE, and also directly with EET.

What's New in Version v1.3   See changelog


  • Hull's sword now has the proficiency "Long Sword" for BGII engine + B:EE
  • BG:EE: Thalantyr's dialogue no longer crashes the game
  • more German translations added
  • (v1.2) Reading with Rinnie: fixed error in cutscene call
  • (v1.2) The Mourning of Centeol: Poe now takes the diary when asked to make it into a poem
  • (v1.2) Necromancer's Trouble: No longer prevents the Chapter increment and the movie etc. upon entering Nashkel for the first time
  • (v1.2) (BGT) All that Left Was: Fixed Imoen's script variable for one of her interjections
  • (v1.2) All that Left Was: inserted "Detect("npcname")" triggers for the NPC interjections
  • (v1.2) Extention of Bjornin Encounter (Personal Wound Treatment): rearranged the reply options leading to the wound treatment a bit, also the rep check so the reply options is easier to find. Added journal entry, also tweaked dialogue a bit more, and Bjornin now reacts to the PC being half-orc.
  • (v1.2) German part version added (thank you to Gerri for the first translated components)
  • typos
  • (v1.2) removing of utf-8 formatted tra-files: HANDLE_CHARSETS now handles the text formatting
  • (v1.2) update to WeiDU v237
  • (v1.2) cre-file of priest Blaise provided with script name and dialogue file (no change of the tp2)

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