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Starting fresh with a new mod list, but

Guest C. B.

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Guest C. B.



I've recently decided to start fresh with BG2 using a list of mods. However, after picking the ones I wanted, I read a few of the readme's and noticed potential incompatibilities as well as certain mods (namely G3 BG2 Fixpack) claiming they included other mods which made them deprecated.


Just so everyone knows I've never used a list of mods this large before. It was usually just a few things such as a fix pack and dungeon be gone.


Regardless, here is the list that I would like to use ordered in what I assume would be the proper installation order:


* BG2 SoA

* BG2 ToB

* BG2 ToB Official Patch

* G3: BG2 Fixpack v3

* Ascension WeiDU v1.4.21

* Dungeon Be Gone v14

* gMinion v1.8

* eSeries v1.8

* Improved Horn of Valhalla v1.2

* PnP Celestials v4

* Expanded Thief Stronghold v2.14

* D0 Quest Pack v23

* Unfinished Business v15

* Banter Packs v6

* Flirt Packs v1.01

* Divine Remix v5

* Song & Silence v1

* G3: BG2 Tweak Pack v4

* Zyraen's Miscellaneous Mods v2

* Virtue v18


The main thing that I want from Zyraen's Miscellaneous Mods v2 is the XP Cap set for each stage. I feel like many others that the game can be abused without capping the XP. There are a couple other components I'd like as well, but that is the main one.


Now, BG2 Fixpack supposedly has compatibility issues with Quest Pack and Unfinished Business. Is there any way that I can work around this and use them all happily together?


BG2 Fixpack also claims that it includes BG2 Tweaks. Does this mean it includes the entire BG2 Tweak Pack v4? If so, I don't need to install that package, correct? The other mod it claims it contains, which I wanted to use, was Oversight. I'm assuming it contains the entire Oversight mod as well.


Other than that, I haven't noticed (yet) any other potential incompatibilities. That's why I'm here though: there are obviously people with much, much more experience in using mods than myself.


Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

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Make sure that DungeonBeGone is the last thing you install. *Always.* DBG extends the top of AR0602 for a legitimate reason, and you're going to have tons of trouble getting it to work with your current placement.


Apart from that, you and I seem to prefer different mods, so I am afraid I can't offer much by way of order recommendations.

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The only parts of BG2 Tweaks that are included in the BG2 Fixpack are the fixes mentioned in the BG2 Fixpack readme (magical weapons have zero weight, etc). Anything else on the vast list of Tweaks components, you'll need Tweaks for. Similarly, the only part of Oversight that's in the BG2 Fixpack is the alignment corrections (and the Fixpack version is somewhat better at this point :) ).


Skip the "Minor Dialogue Restoration" component of Unfinished Business, it has some issues. Some of the trolls in "The Kidnapping of Boo" component cannot be killed by conventional means. Other than that, it should be fine.


The Quest Pack/Fixpack issues can be ignored.

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Guest C. B.

All right. I appreciate the replies. I can honestly admit that the part where only some components, not all, were included, was throwing me off a bit. Thanks for pointing that out, Nythrun.


I've taken the time to go through every readme and document thoroughly for each mod to try to figure out any other issues on my own. Here's the new list inspired by replies, information I read about, and simply not wanting particular mods due to what I found out.


This list is ordered from first to last, and contains notes next to the mods which require certain care when installing. Mods without notes, from what I could find, should be OK to install without special changes.


* BG2 SoA

* BG2 ToB

* BG2 ToB Official Patch

* G3: BG2 Fixpack

* Ascension

* gMinion

* Improved Horn of Valhalla

* PnP Celestials

* Quest Pack

* Unfinished Business

- Don't install the Minor Dialogue Restoration component.

* Song & Silence

- Install only the required/base component. Choice was made on personal likes/dislikes and 'potential' complications.

* Zyraen's Miscellaneous Mods

- Installing only components (sections) 5, 6, 7, 13, and 14. Choice was made on personal likes/dislikes and 'potential' complications.

* Oversight

- Don't install the Improved Continuity or Alignment Correction components.

* G3: BG2 Tweak Pack

- Don't install the Multiple Stronghold or Change Experience Point Cap components.

- Don't use the Can't Kill Romance option of Romance Cheats.

* Divine Remix

* Banter Packs

* Flirt Packs

* Dungeon Be Gone


If anyone can let me know if this new list will work just fine (including order), I'd appreciate it. Thanks again for the help that has been provided. :)

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I should have offered this a long time ago - but I am not sure if it is ok to post a "fixed" setup-ub.tp2, with the Glacius Charm issue and the Nilthiri's script issue; especially as the "fix" for these incompatabilities at present is to comment out (stop from installing) two small sections of UB code. If CamDawg says it's ok, I'll post it here; otherwise, PM me for my private copy of the .tp2 that has those two sections commented out.


It doesn't really matter if you are going to clobber Glacius anyways - the other script you would need to research why it might be a problem.


You should also not install the "not-dispellable shapeshifter paws" component - check recent posts, and you can follow up from there :)

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