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It allways annoys me, that you just have to walk in and out of the government building to get mage-assasin to speak with you, and then in the conversation the PC refers to Corneil...

I humbly ask, that (if possible) in the next fixpack, you have to talk to Corneil to get further on in this quest.


Regards and thanks for your hard work

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Yeah, Terrece's dialogue only makes sense if you've spoken to Corneil. Fixed for v4.


// terrece should only spawn if you speak to corneil, not just enter his area
COPY_EXISTING ~ar1000.bcs~ ~override~
REPLACE_TEXTUALLY ~Global("TerreceSpawn","GLOBAL",1)~
				  ~Global("TerreceSpawn","GLOBAL",1) Global("TalkedToCorneil","GLOBAL",1)~

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