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x and y coordinates


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I'm not 100% sure that this thread is supposed to be here.. (if it's not then I'm really sorry!)


I was told that the game screen is like a graph and there are x and y coordinates and everything, but my question is: how do you know where you're placing - say a chicken - when you're writing its area file? I have no idea how the coordinates or the graph looks like in Baldur's Gate II - or in any game for that matter.


Does anyone know a good site or something where I can find some graphs/coordinates for BG2?


Any help would be appreciated! :)



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I usually just open the area in the game, move my party there via MoveToArea, ExploreArea() if I have to, browse it to the point where I want my chicken to spawn, and hit Ctrl+X. It gives you the area designation and x-y location.


If that's what you are asking about, not creating a new area and setting coordinates for it.

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