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TakePartyItem() works like Habib's scimitar


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You might have to do something to preserve the "can't get that item back" behavior (you're not supposed to be able to get most taken items back through thievery or killing, and they don't all run DestroyItem() after taking stuff).


Luckily, the invalid magically-created weapon doesn't fuck with their normal weapon (it really is there and persists across reloads, but they'll still wield the correct weapon). It does render them unable to switch between weapons (e.g., EquipRanged()), however.


All the TakePartyItem() behaviors apply to TakePartyItemNum(). I don't care about the 2DA one (not enough to check it, at least), but a very (very) brief test seems to suggest that PickUpItem() and CreateItem() (!!!!!!) also behave the same. Running DestroyItem() after the item call is sufficient to free the magically-created weapon slot.


GiveItem(Create)() is safe.

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- When assigning an item to a slot, NPCs running TakePartyItem() fill bottom-up (starting with the magically-created weapon slot).


This is so lame. In lieu of writing two actions in a block Bioware just irreperably fudged one of the two actions.





it is, then :)

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It still needs more testing. CreateItem() does fill from the bottom-up (it's almost never used in the default game -- and certainly not really anywhere that would break -- so big deal), but the item is dropped when the creature dies (and is stealable; only the Take() calls set the unstealable bit).


But referring specifically to Simyaz taking the silver blade (which I couldn't ever get back without cheating his DLG to DestroyItem("MISC8U") CreateItem("MISC8U",0,0,0) :D), the item is never retrievable (even if you kill him, it still doesn't drop). I guess it's possible they check the stealable flag and use that to determine if it was a TakePartyItem() fill (and never let it leave the CRE file if that's the case), but it just seems so wrong.


I really don't need this shit. :(

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