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Weidu's Shapeshifter Rebalancing


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I am a newcomer to your forums as I have just completed my registration so... hello everyone!


As you might gather from the topic title, I have installed Weidu's shapeshifter rebalancing (it's great, by the way) but it caused something odd to happen. Now every npc comes with more than double the xp they should be coming with, to give a few examples: Minsc joined early in Irenicus' dungeon with 160000xp instead of the usual 80000(or something around that), Korgan joined with 400000 and Anomen with more than 600000. As I said, this is very odd because my shapeshifter has only 238000xp and it really makes for an altered game experience. I mean, the game was already very easy as it was, let alone with everyone getting these huge xp boosts.


Just a while ago I checked the readme file and it mentioned nothing about this. Is it some kind of bug, then? Is it intentional? I would appreciate some help getting rid of this while keeping the shapeshifter tweak functional, if that's at all possible.


Thank you.

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Check if you've started the game with a higher level import character this time around. Joinable NPCs have several different experience totals they can begin with, which one you get is dependant on your PC's experience. This is native to BG2 (not added by mods).

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Yes I know that but this happened with a brand new character with 89000xp. What is more, it affected all my other save games which had been started prior to my having installed the mod. The characters in those save games are not even shapeshifter or druids of any kind (who would play a plain vanilla shapeshifter, anyway?).


I also forgot to mention that this effect does not go away upon uninstalling the mod. The entire game must be reinstalled.

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There's really nothing in the shapeshifter rebalancing that would cause this.


On the other hand, ease of use was abandoned years ago, and updated versions its components are available in the bg2 tweak pack on this site.

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Is your Game Difficulty set to Core, or higher?


When you re-installed, did you start a-fresh (complete wipe of BG2 installation, complete re-installation of BG2), or just uninstalled previous mods and then installed new ones?


Are you starting a new game or using previous saved versions?


-- I'm sure you see where I'm leading with these questions.

-- There are links to how to do a fresh install. Too lazy to provide them myself; searching/asking others will lead you in the right direction.

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My game is set to core rules.


Every time I re-installed it I wiped out everything in the game folder, including the folder itself and upon new installation I used a completely new character right from the very beginning of the game. Is this what you call a fresh install?


On my last post I mentioned something incorrectly. With this new pack only the shapeshifter save games are affected by the xp boost, as opposed to what happened with the first pack I used, which retroactively applied it to every save game that I had as well as every new game that I started thereafter. This is by far better than before... I think I can live with that just ocurring when I play a shapeshifter. Still, if it could be solved, then all the better! :)

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This is a feature of the original game. If you complete the dungeon with Imoen, Minsc, Jaheira and Yoshimo and enter the Coronet immediately, you will notice that both Anomen and Korgan have lower levels. This is all dependant on the level of your character - and, yes, not entirely consistent, but this is a part of the original game. I've had it for years, too, and so had other people.


Nythrun's lvl1npc mod might introduce a solution to this in the future, though. :)

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