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making new rumors


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Adding more rumors? Not doing a new tavern with new rumors?


Okay, this is assuming you know how dialogue files work in BG2:


Adding more rumors is fairly simple: you have to open your tavern via NI and look at which dialogue file it uses.


Then you append new states to this dialogue file. Make sure they do show by adding WEIGHT #-1 or something.

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So their triggering condition isn't a simple True()
Rumors are normal dialogues in BG2, so you have to use RandomNum() to get the right behavior. And thanks to probabilities and weights, the original rumors are all pretty broken.


Worst was where no condition would be true and you'd get a run of empty space instead of a rumor (adding event-based rumors is difficult for precisely this reason). I think my fixes got dumped into the fixpack, which should effectively cap off the bottom (assuming you take the WEIGHT #-1 route).

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I tested it, and it's just like triggering a dialogue file, no difference whatsoever, yep.


(It was very funny, when I decided to pop Xan's flirts instead of tavern rumors, just for a private view).

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