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Bug preventing "Haste" from working

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Hi there.


I was playing SoA+ToB+official patch with BG2 Fixpack v3 and BG2 Tweakpack v4 installed and I noticed that Haste wasn't working anymore (this applied to: spells, scrolls, potions and items).

After uninstalling all of the mods, Haste was working again. I then installed only the core fixes from BG2 Fixpack v3 and the problem was there. You might want to have a look at this :)

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After installing the core fixes, anything that would normally provide a haste effect (i.e. boots of speed, the spells haste and improved haste and their relative scrolls, the oil of speed) does exactly nothing: the character still moves at normal speed and no icon is added to his\her portrait.

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