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  1. Indeed, dualling into specialist mages like in BG1 is what I'm interested in the most.
  2. If something like this is feasible in the non-EE engine, IMO it would be a worthy tweak: https://forums.beamdog.com/discussion/66521/enable-dual-classing-into-kits-now-with-proficiency-fix
  3. At the cost of being unpopular, I'm going to suggest a tweak to bring the Ring of Wizardry back to its original BG1 mechanics.
  4. Let me join the others in thanking DavidW for gifting us with yet another piece of amazing work. Thank you!!
  5. This is going to be fairly minor, but I figured I'd try my luck anyway. The Enhanced Editions brought forth, among other things, a recoloring of all joinable NPCs that makes use of the extended color palettes (which the Enhanced Editions implemented from 1PP) in order to better match the color scheme from each character's portrait. Would it be possible to have a Tweaks Anthology component that brings the same coloring to non-Enhanced versions of the game (provided that the extended palettes from 1PP were installed)?
  6. I believe Almateria's Restoration Project mod already includes a fix for the Slayer form's setting your HP to 100 instead of adding +100 HP to your total (I've also filed a bug report on redmine for the Enhanced Editions.) Could we get an EE-compliant version of Miloch's PnP Free Action as a Tweaks Anthology component? I'm sure Trevor wouldn't object to that
  7. CamDawg, Are these fixes also going to be part of v2.5 of the Enhanced Editions?
  8. So, I've installed EET to start working on my mod's compatibility. My mod installs just fine and there doesn't seem to be a need for any modification to my item-patching code. I went through ITMs in Near Infinity, however, and based on jastey's link I was expecting there to be two HELM15.ITM, one called "HELM15" and the other called "HELM15_"? I only have one "HELM15" there, and no need to amend my code. Am I missing something? I seem, on the other hand, to have a little trouble with pre-generated characters' patching. My code is apparently only targeting the four characters that appea
  9. Hi! Does EET make any changes to the name of ITM and BAM files? I'm asking 'cause the mod I'm working on has a component that changes icons, illustrations, and color offsets for most items in BG:EE and BGII:EE, as well as some from SoD. If EET doesn't change any of the file names, then my component is probably already compatible off the bat; if it does, I will write an alternative tph for EET specifically (in that case, it would help if a mapping table existed, showing which names were changed to what.)
  10. Actually yes, I have plans for a GTU... but I'm currently busy with the BG2 one, which is going to take forever, so goodness knows when I'll have time for that. I'll keep an eye on BG Fixpack and get back to you when the time for translating comes
  11. I would pretty much like to work on the italian translation when it reaches its first release (i.e. v1.0), then
  12. Is this mod still being worked on?
  13. BG2 Fixpack and IWD Tweakpack should be added to the list of mods available in italian.
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