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PRO file for lightning bolt?


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I thought about making a ball of fire that works the same way as a lightning bolt (without the bouncing), so the first thing that came to mind was to find the projectile file. I went to check in DLTCEP and it lists it as 40 - Lightning Bolt but the file is Unknown, so next I went to the PROJECTL.ids but under 0x0028 it says STONE so that wasn't really it. After that I opened NI and looked in the PRO folder but all I could find was LIGHTBLT.pro and that one doesn't look like anything special. So where is it? Hardcoded? If so, can anyone tell me what to do to make a projectile harm everything in its way if it's even possible to duplicate that? Thanks in advance. :(

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Sorry, I phrased that poorly - I'm not looking for the constant 360/256. The angle used in .pro files is generated by a discontinuous function, and I don't know what the intervals are (e.g. I don't know if an angle of 1 is any different than 0, and if so, how far away from the source it begins to exist, and if not what the first angle that produces an effect is, etc).


More research for the Department of Copious Spare Time, if Avenger hasn't had to do it already.

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I see what you mean, I guess the easiest would be to test it like I test my spells, spawn a bunch of skeletons or goblins and aim roughly in their direction. :( It shouldn't take more than half an hour to get a good idea what the changes are if any. I never really bothered with anything more meticulous than what DLTCEP offers (steps of 0x10).

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I don't know about these things more than already written, but i also need information :(


What i can promise is gemrb will support lightning bolt like projectiles (bouncing, affecting everyone in path).


But i delayed implementation in hope that a .pro file supports these features in a yet to be discovered way.

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