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Help with DLTCEP please...

Guest Chaz Standard

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Guest Chaz Standard

OK, so I recently got into modding...nothing big just adding new NPCs or custom items.


I downloaded DLTCEP and found really easy to use, good simple lay out and everything I've made so far works perfectly.


One problem: I tried to make an amulet which (among other things) can summon a golem once per day - and it works. Sound effects, graphics, its all there....BUT the golem dies instantly.


I've compared my set up (extended effects etc.) with other items that summon creatures and can't see what i've done wrong...



any ideas?


Advice appreciated.

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Guest Slaadi

The parameters should be like this.


When "OGRISHLD" is the creature that I summon. Check the duration of your spell.


And check if the creature (your golem) script not contain something like "destroyself()".

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Maybe not related, but IIRC, the Juggernaut Golem would die instantly. I think it had something to do with the add stoneskins effect, something along the lines that if you already had stoneskins in effect, the new stoneskin effect couldn't be applied and so the golem croaked immediately after summoning.


I believe the BG2 Fixpack addresses this issue.

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